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Throwing food away.

23. February 2015

A reminder that certain foods belong in the garbage

Something you may not know about me: I hate wasting food.

I don't know if it's my frugal nature or because I know that not everyone has enough to eat in this country/world, but when I buy food, I want to make sure I eat every last morsel.

Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Tim cleans out the refrigerator when I'm not around so I don't see the food waste, but the point is that we really try to consume all of the food in our house before it goes bad.

I've recently decided to eat much healthier, so this means that I make sure all of the food coming into the house is decently healthy, or I'll end up eating the crappy not-so-great food just to get it out of the house.

Makes a lot of sense, right?

Of course it doesn't make sense, why would I eat bad food just to get it out of the house?!

For instance, if someone gives me a ton of candy, I'll leave it on my counter and eat one or two or seven pieces a day until it's gone. Do I want the candy? Not really. I mean, I have chocolate cravings but I'd be fine without it. But do I still eat it? Yep, because other than offering it to guests, I'm not sure how else to get rid of it!

And then I came across some wise advice (found in the book Eat Move Sleep). The advice was something to the effect of: garbage food is better in the garbage than in our bodies.


I had honestly never thought of it this way.

I mean, I always kind of figured food was food and shouldn't be wasted.

But is some food really on 'garbage' level? I mean, yes in terms of nutritional value. Candy offers zero nutritional value and is filled with things I don't actually want in my body, so it IS better off in the garbage.

And I could feed it to guests, but another nugget of wisdom questioned why I would feed my guests something I wouldn't want to eat myself.

So wise, this book.

Needless to say, I threw the extra candy away before I took another bite and before I could second guess myself.

Am I going to throw away all candy in the future? Heck no. Especially not the dark chocolate pieces!

But if there is excess that I truly don't want to eat, I'm going to throw it away before I allow myself to even feel remotely guilty about it.

Because some 'food' is better off in the garbage than in my body.


It's freakin' freezing out there (my week in summary).

20. February 2015

I've been a bit distracted this week. It's been a cold one here in Chicago and this morning our pipes froze, depriving us of water for a few hours. There's nothing worse than waking up and not being able to brush my teeth! Thank goodness for mouth wash. The rest of this week was filled with some yoga classes (3 of them!) and volunteering and spending time with Tim - the usual! Clara's been a bit fussy because she's cutting some teeth and it's a painful process for all of us, but we're getting through it!

In summary...

Candlelight Yoga

One of the more relaxing parts of my week was participating in a candlelight yoga class. It was exactly what my soul needed.

(This Week) I Kept Myself Busy By

  • ... attending church group (x2!)
  • ... volunteering at the tax site.
  • ... getting my yoga on at a few different studios in the city.
  • ... shopping a bit at Lululemon. Confession: I had never purchased anything for myself from there before, but I had gift cards to spend and I'm so happy with my purchases! (I bought these, and this and this)
  • ... going out to eat with my main man at De Cero to get some margaritas and tacos. 
  • ... watching way too many hours of The Bachelor. And also the SNL reunion show.

(This Week) I've Learned:

  • A bit about the Men's Rights Movement (yes, this is a thing). "...he is entirely possessed by the idea that it is men like him who bear the true brunt of society's hatred and that it is they, not the feminists or the statists or the faithful, who see the true extent of this structural injustice." (here)
  • How to move away from perfectionism. (here)
  • There's a better kind of happiness out there. (here)
  • A little about ignoring sunk costs when it comes to love. (here)
  • How to overcome distractions. (here)

(This Week) Clara

  • ... got yet another tooth. This teething process is brutal.
  • ... is getting braver and is exploring different rooms of the house.
  • ... is moving faster and attempting to chase Ozzie.
  • ... has been on a bit of a nursing strike, and especially doesn't want a bottle.
  • ... is still attempting to chew every cord she can get her hands on.

(This Week) I Wrote:

  • That I'm striving for a closer relationship with God during this Lenten season. (Wed)
  • About starting Clara on solid foods. (Tues)

I hope you each had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend!


First day of Lent.

18. February 2015

I must admit, lately I've lost track of time. I (embarrassingly) was made aware that yesterday was Fat Tuesday only because someone brought in homemade paczkis to the tax center I volunteer at. (They were freakin' delicious, in case you were wondering.)

There's really no excuse for me to not know that Lent is once again upon us, but I'll confess that it snuck up on me completely. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic high school, so Lent was a big deal to me growing up, at least in practice, if not necessarily in meaning. I always had ashes on my forehead on Ash Wednesday and each year I dutifully gave up something for the 40+ days of Lent (I even included Sundays, because I was dedicated, darnit!). 

In my adult life, I've stopped giving up something for Lent, instead choosing to focus on growing closer to God during these weeks. Last year I read the Bible and did a devotional (and even blogged a bit about it). This year I plan on doing the same thing (the reading, not necessarily the blogging), but hopefully I'll also journal more about my thoughts.

I will be following along with the reading plan at She Reads Truth.

I try not to confuse Lent with New Years. In the New Year (and sometimes on my birthday) I think of ways to better my own life, and I stick to resolutions. However, I don't make resolutions for Lent, I make plans to (hopefully) draw closer to God in a deeper and more personal way. This season is not about bettering my own kingdom, it's about building God's kingdom, which I cannot do unless I'm connected to Him in a meaningful way. 

My hope is that this season will bring me opportunities to lean on God more heavily, and to lay my burdens on Him. My hope is that by being in the Word more each and every day, I will live my life according to His will instead of my own. My hope is that my relationship with God will grow and deepen. My hope is that my love will expand and my words will be full of grace, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. My hope is that I will feel God's love surrounding me more than ever before. My hope is that I will be bold in my love for Jesus and will have increased confidence because of His love for me. My hope is that I will learn and understand new aspects of God's character and who He is.

You could say I have high hopes for this Lenten season!

What about you, do you celebrate Lent?


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