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In 2015 I'm going to strive to be intentional.

1. January 2015
If you haven't read yesterday's post, you probably should to get a bit more context behind my resolution for 2015.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

The highlights of last year included doing new things. We traveled to places we had never been before, both in the US and across the ocean. We made it through (and even enjoyed) pregnancy and the labor and delivery of Clara. We welcomed friends' babies into our lives and celebrated their small milestones. I stood next to my best friend as she said 'I do.' We became parents and I transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom. Tim turned 30 (just last week!) and is embarking on a brand new decade. We attended baby showers and birthday parties and all things celebratory. We spent time at church and with our church group and with friends and family and felt surrounded in love.

It was a good fantastic year, and I'm honestly not sure 2015 will be able to top it.

Last year at this time I knew 2014 would bring a lot of transitions: new jobs, new baby, new apartment, new travel plans... 

I don't have any of those certainties about 2015, which makes me a bit anxious in itself.

You see, I thrive on new experiences and adventures. I love life changes. I'm sure 2015 will throw me a curveball or two, but we don't have any 'major' plans like we did in 2015. 

So this year I'm choosing the word...

To me, this word means to live each moment with purpose.

To spend time on things worthy of having time spent on them.

To read more.

To write more.

To turn the TV off in favor of conversations and cooking and doing things around the house.

To entertain guests more often in order to increase the amount of time we spend with loved ones and show hospitality.

To take pride in my home by cleaning it and decorating it and making it lovely.

To dress in a way that makes me feel good, instead of putting on whatever is the easiest to get out of my closet/drawers.

To eat healthily (and cook more frequently).

To exercise in order to feel great, but not to any extremes.

To spend time thinking about things that need to be thought about, but not to waste time with thoughts about the past or future.

So that's my goal for 2015! I want to be intentional with my precious time. I don't want to spend time mindlessly going through my phone to distract me from my present. I want to do more instead of becoming overwhelmed about what I should be doing. If someone were to ask me about why I chose to do something (no matter how small), I want to be able to respond genuinely, instead of answering that I made a decision because it was the easiest or most obvious thing to do.

Make sense?

Feel free to hold me accountable, friends.

Whether or not you chose to pick one word to focus on in 2015, think of one now! What is it?!


Last post of 2014! (A look back at my word o' 2014)

31. December 2014

I haven't been writing during the holidays and it's not because I've been far too busy (I hate that excuse), but rather it's because I haven't been busy enough. I'm really struggling to get into a life routine that involves the perfect balance of productivity and rest and then I get caught up in the frustration of my mental to-do/should-do list and do absolutely nothing instead.

If you can't relate, just pretend you can so I feel a bit better. Thanks, friends.

Speaking of which...

My word of 2014 was 'Still'. I know it was a good word because I still remembered what it was without looking it up, and I truly focused on it for the past 12 months. Well, I focused on it in a major way until July and then after that life was a blur and I have no idea how it's already December 31. But that's another story altogether.

In 2014 I wanted to focus on the verse:

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:14

Gosh, easier said than done. I wrote a half-year post on how my resolutions were looking in July (just a few days before Clara made her entrance into the world), and it was positive indeed! I think the end of this year was also full of stillness, but in a very different way.

I ended 2013 feeling a bit anxious but optimistic. I had just finished the first trimester of pregnancy, I was in a temporary job that I was still figuring out, I was extremely busy but not necessarily feeling fulfilled, and I was itching to travel more and have a few adventures before transitioning into a family of 3 (plus Ozzie). I had no idea how motherhood was going to change me; however, I knew that if I trusted in God, everything would be okay.

Trust in God is exactly what I did.

There were hard moments, believe me. Every time 'Bumpy' was especially calm in my womb, my nerves would get the best of me. I constantly feared that something would be wrong with my pregnancy. However, even as I was scared, I was also calm in a way I'm usually not about my life. I was so confident in the pregnancy. I was confident in my body. I absolutely loved nurturing something someone inside of me. I knew that whatever happened is exactly what was supposed to happen.

Pregnancy forced me to be still. My body got tired and even my brain became exhausted. My priorities changed. I no longer cared (as much) about physical fitness and working out, but instead became focused on slowing down and spending time just existing and enjoying time by itself, without feeling the need to fill it. 

I turned down a lot of plans because I didn't feel like joining in with some social activities as I became increasingly worn out, and I felt okay about these decisions because I knew I was listening to myself. I prayed a lot. I prayed for myself, my marriage, my baby, the world, friends, family, everyone. 

As a parent, I think 'stillness' continues to apply to my life in terms of anxiousness. After having Clara (which in itself was the least calm thing I've ever experienced), I felt (and still feel) self-assured, and I'm not sure why. It's not like I've ever been a mother before, but I don't feel a lot of doubt about my abilities. I don't usually question myself and the decisions Tim and I make as parents. That in itself is being still. I've already surrendered that not everything will be perfect, but I know that I'm surely doing my best, and that keeps me calm.

However, my schedule has completely changed from what it's ever been like before, and I find myself doing anything but basking in stillness. There are moments when I have the opportunity to just be but I find them consumed with thoughts about what I should be doing instead. I'm finding that life is a whole lot of 'I should really...' instead of the doing or (better yet) the being. Which leads me to my word for 2015, which I will post tomorrow.

In 2013 my word was 'freedom'.

In 2014 my word was 'still'.

I'm excited to see what 2015 will bring.

Do you remember what your 2014 resolution was?


A way to say thank you.

23. December 2014
I'm perpetually glad that Tim and I don't need to host holiday parties for my family. Luckily, my mom and Tim's parents are more than happy to do the hosting while we simply need to show up. 

Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, I don't always remember to show appreciation for the amount of work it takes to host family holiday parties! I mean, of course we say 'thank you', but sometimes it's nice to do a bit extra.

So with gratitude in mind, we showed up to Thanksgiving brunch at my mom's house with flowers in hand! (This was also my way to feel less-guilty about the fact that my mom and brother cooked the entire meal while I showed up with a fork, ready to eat!)

I purchased the flowers from, and I really can't say enough great things about them. This is what I loved:
  1. The variety of bouquets to choose from. I fell in love with at least 20 bouquets but I chose one that reminded me of fall.
  2. The entire process is online. I must admit, I dislike picking up the phone and calling people. I know, this is awful, but there's something about doing things online that makes me feel like I can double-check for accuracy and be sure I did everything correctly! I love that this flower ordering process is entirely online.
  3. The flowers were delivered to my door on time (and in a box). I planned ahead (this is rare for me) and purchased the flowers a week or so in advance and selected the shipping date to be the day before Thanksgiving. They arrived right on time! However, I could have waited until pretty much the last minute, as these flowers can get shipped within 2 days of ordering (for no extra charge)! I also liked that these flowers were delivered in a box, so they could have sat on my porch for a while (had I not been home when they were delivered) without freezing/dying.
  4. The packaging was descriptive. The flowers came with a description about where they came from (a volcano!) and instructions on how to care for them. I love helpful packaging!
  5. sources only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers. (Enough said!)
  6. The flowers were fresh. I was fairly wary about receiving flowers in a box, but I opened them and they looked perfect. Even better than perfect, actually.
  7. They stayed alive for quite a while. If I'm going to be paying for flowers, I prefer they live for a bit of time! I visited my mom over a week after giving her the flowers, and they were still displayed on her kitchen table, looking great!
Needless to say, I'll be ordering from them again in the future, especially if I wait until the last minute to send a thank you/birthday/holiday present to a friend and need a beautiful gift to get to them fast.

If you order a bouquet in the next few days, you'll be able to send these gorgeous flowers as a perfect 'thanks for hosting' gift or even a 'Happy New Years' present!

This post was sponsored by, who was generous enough to allow me to review their flowers,  but of course all opinions are my own!


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