Weekend! Links (and stuff)!

5 Things. (Well, 6 if we include the graphic.)

What to feed a Millennial

+ “100% of my happiness comes from only one measure: My energy.” (a life / happiness hack here)

+ Society6 is having a 25% off everything sale. I took advantage of it to buy some throw pillows in order to please my husband. Just kidding, he hates throw pillows. I think he even threatened something or other if I bought more of them. Shrug. I guess I wasn’t listening very well. (An extra $10 off if you use this link.)

+ Have you bought ‘Reputation’? I’m still debating it. I know, I know, I shouldn’t need this long to make a $13 decision, but I never purchase music unless it’s the Hamilton soundtrack or Adele. But maybe TSwift belongs in this (very elite, obvi) group, too? Tell me, is it worth it?

+ Things I haven’t been doing this weekend: decorating for Christmas. (Because it’s not even halfway through December yet and I don’t remember Thanksgiving happening… I can only prep for one holiday at a time, people!)

+ BUT, I’m always a fan of buying all of the things in holiday-themed fragrances, and Bath & Body Works is selling their three wick candles for $12.50 sooooo my house will be smelling like holidays. Probably all year round if I buy enough of them.

This weekend has been really productive (shockingly!) but now I’m drained and am not at all mentally prepared for Monday. Tomorrow may be a double-shot type of day.

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It’s two years later and I have the same thoughts on gun control.

I’m just going to leave the link to this post right here, because I wrote it almost two years ago and it’s still more applicable than ever, unfortunately.

We need to fix this because mamas shouldn’t need to fear bringing their babies to church, or anywhere else.

I’ll be snuggling my babes extra close today and avoiding as much of the news as possible, because my heart just can’t take it.


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A Playdate for the Dads

It’s Saturday morning at approximately 9:30am, and I’m back in bed. Because miracles do happen.

I have three glorious hours to myself this morning, and I’ve decided to spend them reading, editing photos, writing this quick blog post, and running an errand. I may even get really crazy and workout! The possibilities are endless!

This luxurious free time is made possible by my husband, who has decided to dedicate one Saturday morning a month to ‘Dads Morning’, which is essentially a playdate that frees up the moms to do whatever they want to. Glory, glory hallelujah!

Why a 'dads morning playdate' is good for everyone

This was Tim’s brain child, and I am 100% on board with it. As a SAHM, I take it for granted that I spend most of my mornings interacting with other moms and kids, so I get advice and see different interactions and swap battle stories with my peers. I’m glad that Tim is now able to do the same! Of course, we do have a lot of friends with kids, and we get together as families frequently, but it still isn’t the same dynamic as men and babies getting together, without the moms, to handle the kids and chat.

I think this dad playdate idea is accomplishing multiple things:

+ Most importantly (for me) – it’s giving moms a break!

Last month while the dads + kids played, the moms all went hiking together and it was wonderful! Today I’ve decided to stay in bed, instead, because sometimes it’s just nice to be at home without the chaos of kids begging for my attention.

+ Empowering dads.

I think it’s super, super important for dads to spend as much time as possible ‘alone’ with their kids. It’s vital that Tim knows I trust him with the girls and more than that, that I think he does a wonderful job. Some of Tim’s friends haven’t been dads as long as he has (a veteran at a whole 3 years of fatherhood!) so these morning playdates are a good way for the dads to spend time with their little ones out of the house, but in a non intimidating environment.

+ Enabling a different type of male bonding.

I think that men truly want to bond over dad stuff, but they (probably) don’t really want to talk about their kids over beers or while bowling or during any of the other activities men do during ‘bonding’ time. A playdate gives guys something to do, while simultaneously giving them the chance to chat about fatherhood.

If you have a little one (or multiple little ones!), and especially if you’re a full time SAHM, I encourage you to ask your partner for a morning off every month or so. I mean, you should probably get a morning off more often, but if you have an organized one every month, it really will give you something to look forward to! Encourage your partner to organize a playdate, or at the very least, take the kiddos out to the library/coffee shop/zoo/anywhere! 

You’ll all feel more refreshed afterwards.

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5 Things I’m Into

+ The Dirty John Podcast. I listened to it in two days and it was great. Other (somewhat) similar podcasts I’ve enjoyed: S-Town, Up & Vanished, Accused

+ My new Write the Word journal from Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters Shop. It’s a great way for me to get into the Word, write some prayers/hopes/dreams out, and take a few minutes to focus on what I’m really thinking about in life. I highly, highly recommend you consider buying one if you (like me) have a hard time reading the Bible each day.

Little Red Riding Hood - toddler Halloween costume

+ Photos of kids in costumes. I must admit, I spent wayyyyy to much time on social media yesterday because I had to ‘like’ every single picture of a kid in a costume. And there were lots and lots of photos of kids in costumes. So freakin’ adorable. 

+ Our espresso machine. We got this one a few months ago, and I’m not certain how I ever lived without it. I make myself a latte every day and I am one happy lady.

+ These apple pie bars that I couldn’t stop eating. Basically, they taste like a pie but are way easier to make! WIN!

I hope you had a fun Halloween! We’re almost to Friday. We can do this.

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Phew, I’m glad that’s over!

Tim left town for a few days this week, leaving me home alone with the girls for the first time since Isabelle was born. (I can’t believe we got 18 months in without him needing to travel for work!)

I was super, super anxious about him leaving. Our girls don’t usually sleep all the way through the night, and I was worried that I’d be operating on zero sleep for a few days. Plus, we’re in a very challenging time over here with our two toddlers, and as someone who thrives on interactions with others, I was worried that I’d feel really frustrated and isolated without him around.

Guys, he was only gone for three days and two nights and I barely hung on. 


But I’m grateful for two things:

  1. That I have a partner who is so involved in the girls’ care that when he’s gone it truly is much more challenging for me
  2. That I have a community who supports me & my family

Thankfully I had quite a few playdates planned and one friend even hosted us for dinner so I wouldn’t need to prep/clean-up the food. Another friend came over with Thai food to hang out for a few hours and provide some adult conversation after the girls went to sleep. Plus, we hired a babysitter for a few hours so I could workout and shower and get some time to myself at the end of the day.

And still. Even with all of this help, it was a really hard start to the week! We had some really fun moments, but it was exhausting to keep up with my two little ones who seemed to think their sole mission in life was to destroy everything in the house as quickly as possible. The energy over here is incredible and I wish they would share some of it with me!

I greatly respect moms (or dads!) who do the daily grind by themselves. Single moms/dads, military spouses, spouses whose partners work long hours… I am so thankful that my SAHM days are relatively short and that I get some relief when Tim walks through the door.

All of this to say that this week more than ever I was reminded that no one is meant to parent in isolation. We’re meant to rely on our partner, community, and family to get through the days/weeks/months/years. 

I’m reminded that it’s more than okay to recognize when things are hard and to ask for and accept help in those times. And then when things are easy, it’s equally as important to recognize when others may need help and to offer it with enthusiasm.

This weekend we’re enjoying some Halloween festivities, watching a few too many episodes of Parenthood, and in between everything else I’m relaxing and binge listening to “Dirty John”. Hopefully if I continue to take it easy(ish), I’ll store up some energy for the upcoming week!

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