A side of breasts with my coffee, please.

If you follow me on Snapchat (lisabenroeck) you may have already heard this story, but I feel compelled to tell it on this blog anyway.

We moved into our house last Wednesday, and on Friday morning Tim set out to the closest coffee shop to our new place to get me a latte.

He walked up to the window and was surprised to find a topless lady serving coffee. Guys. A topless barista. She was almost bottomless (according to Tim) except she was wearing a g-string.

So Tim decided to act like nothing was amiss and went on to order a drip coffee, which the barista said they didn’t have. A coffee shop without coffee! Tim felt obligated to purchase something, though, so he ordered my latte. For six dollars. A six dollar latte! And he tipped a dollar. Of course. And he still had to go to a Starbucks to actually get his coffee.

He also learned the following things:
1) These coffee shops are ‘normal’ in Seattle, although most of the times the ladies are wearing a skimpy bikini and aren’t fully topless/nude.
2) This particular barista works on Fridays and is always topless.
3) If you ask for a ‘show’ they’ll give you one. (WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?!) I don’t even want to know what this means.
4) The shop was actually a drive-thru so Tim walking up to it was weird in itself. However, I think this was probably the least strange part of the experience.

And as for me, I learned not to send Tim out for my lattes on Fridays. And also that we should be careful about which coffee shops we drive-thru with the girls. This particular one is in the parking lot of (I KID YOU NOT) an upscale children’s clothing store and a restaurant.

Boobs and coffee. What will they think of next?

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A little rain can’t keep me away from apple spice doughnuts

I love a good pumpkin patch. And when that pumpkin patch has a corn maze… well my happiness just really can’t be contained at that point. I guess it’s my Midwestern roots showing themselves.

The Farm at Swan's Trail

Yesterday we met up with some friends at a pumpkin patch about 30 minutes north of Seattle, and (as an added bonus) my in-laws were visiting so they came, too.

The Farm at Swan's Trail

Of course, it was  necessary for us to take a friend family picture, which is exceedingly difficult with all of the little ones to be organized.

The Farm at Swan's Trail

All of the effort was worth it – great group picture. (Pay no attention to Clara’s hand placement.)

One of the first things we did was grab an apple-spiced glazed doughnut, so at that point I was pretty sure the entire day was going to be a-okay.

The Farm at Swan's Trail

One of my favorite parts of motherhood is introducing my girls to experiences I love so much. This was the first year Clara could really have fun at the pumpkin patch. She especially loved the petting farm, slides, corn pit, mud puddles, duck races, and all things food-related.

There was on-again-off-again rain, which actually wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. We wore our rain jackets and boots and all was well. Plus, the rain kept the crowds away so Clara was free to go on the slide over and over and over… and over… and over again without waiting in line.

The Farm at Swan's Trail

The Farm at Swan's Trail

Next year when she’s just a bit older she’s going to have even more fun! And maybe Isabelle will stay awake long enough to enjoy it, too!

The Farm at Swan's Trail The Farm at Swan's Trail (If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a mom in the PNW, it’s that rain gear is essential for toddlers, especially mine – who tends to gravitate towards mud puddles.)

We left the pumpkin farm with a few pumpkins, full bellies, two sleeping babies, lots of memories, and hopes that we will be able to turn this adventure into a yearly tradition for our family!

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Moving on up (2 miles north)

On Tuesday the packers came.

On Wednesday the movers came.

And today we woke up in our new (to us!) house.

We had been at our last rental for 11 months and made a fairly quick decision to leave… for a lot of reasons. The construction going on about 2 feet from our house didn’t help. And I mean it was actually 2 feet away.

Moving Day

We looked at a total of ONE house for about 10 minutes before making the decision to move there and I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t love it once we moved in. (Like trying on a wedding dress to get alterations months after you bought it… it’s like ‘wait, this doesn’t look like I remember it!’)

BUT, so far, I LOVE IT.

I get a walk-in closet! An en suite! My pajamas fit in my bedroom so I don’t need to get ready for bed in Tim’s office! The girls have a basement to play in! We have a yard! We have an attached garage! There’s a coat closet!

Our last family pic in front of our first Seattle house!

Our last move was really stressful because the house just didn’t work for us, but this house… this house is going to be just fine. I’m so relieved. All of my anxiety about whether or not to spend the money to move has kind of melted away and I feel that we truly made the right decision for our family.

I’m ready for a new start, new memories, and new adventures in this neighborhood.

Today I unpacked while listening to the entire Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

I plan to do more of the same tomorrow. 


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Coffee date!

If we were meeting for a coffee date this week, it would be because I’m in moving denial and am doing everything I can to avoid productivity.

So let’s just get that out of the way.

Coffee Date

Other things I may talk about while sipping my caramel latte…

(I’m drinking one right now, so consider this coffee date and moving procrastination officially started!)

+ I would be relieved when I tell  you that Clara loves swim lessons. I really thought we may not get to this point because the swim lessons we signed her up for are a bit intense, but she loves them and now I can say with 100% certainty that they’re worth every penny. Right now she is learning to swim underwater, then float on her back to breathe and rest, then swim underwater again. Obviously, the idea is that if she falls into water of any kind she won’t panic, and instead will be able to stay on the surface until someone grabs her or until she reaches something she can grab on to. I always knew these swim lessons were important but I didn’t know if they were absolutely worth it when she was screaming the whole time. Well, now that she’s gained confidence and actually knows how to swim a bit, she practically sprints out the door to get to lessons and she doesn’t cry in the pool.

+ In a little bit of disbelief I would tell you that we move this week! Packers come on Tuesday and movers come on Wednesday. I am not a do-it-yourself type of person when it comes to moving and I feel great about our decision to hire all of the peoples to do everything for us. Packers & movers are cheaper than a divorce.

+ I would laugh and roll my eyes at myself and tell you that I’m getting rid of (practically) everything in my closet. All of the things. I don’t  know why, but nothing is working for me and so out it goes. Starting fresh just seems easier.

+ I would ask if you watched the Presidential Debate last night and then when you say of course you did we would both agree it was an absolute sh*t show. Like, what the heck was I watching?! I could write an entire post on this but it makes me too angry. I will say this, though: Trump does not surprise me at all anymore, and hasn’t for a while. Everything he says is consistent with what I already perceived to be true about him. He is not going to be president and years from now people are going to wonder who the heck actually voted for this clown. He is making a mockery of our politics and the Republican Party and maybe that will invoke some positive change, but for now he’s creating an atmosphere of fear, distrurst, bullying… I’d better stop here because I know you’re agreeing with me and we don’t need to say any more about it. He’s a joke, this election is a joke, and I’ll be glad when he’s out of ‘politics’ and back on my TV in a scripted reality show instead of this unscripted ACTUAL reality mess that we’re all witnessing.

+ Changing topics… you might notice I look a bit more awake and I would say it’s thanks to paternity leave and our commitment to getting Isabelle on a sleeping schedule. (More on the latter in a different post.) Suffice it to say that we’re all getting a bit more rest these days and I’m thrilled.

+ And then I would add that Tim’s paternity leave is going so by so freakin’ fast and I’m hoping we’re able to do some family adventures in the last few weeks of his leave. (On my list is hiking, exploring, a vacation, etc etc.)

+ I would mention that I’m excited to be watching baseball in October… because the Cubs are still playing! Wooohooo! 108 years and counting – but this year is the year.

I would say that I have to run and go through my bookshelves and closets to figure out things to resell today before the packers come tomorrow. Procrastination is my specialty.

(I’m selling books to Powells and clothes to ThredUp)

Thanks for letting me talk so much on our coffee date today. I appreciate you. (Go check out more coffee date posts with Amber and Erin!)

Do you have anything extra-fun going on this week?

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Both of the girls are sleeping at the same time! So here’s a blog post!

You know I’m a sucker for the list o’ bullet points. Especially on Thursdays when I can link up with Gretch & Kristen.

Currently in October+ With the cooler weather comes the rain in the PNW, and I have upped my rain gear game since last year! This year the girls will be ready to be outdoors every single day, rain or shine with these oh-so-fashionable rainsuits.

+ I am happy that it’s getting darker a bit earlier, because it forces us to be inside (and cooking) earlier, which also means earlier bedtimes for the girls – and for us! Everyone wins.

+ These jeans are my new favorite ever. EVER. They’re just as comfortable as my yoga pants, they fit perfectly, and they’re on sale at Nordstrom right now!

+ I just started reading this book and am a fan so far. (Thanks for the recommendation, Kait!)

+ This week was the first week of the MOPS group that I’m a member of, and since I’m on the steering committee of our group, it was pretty hectic leading up to the first meeting. I am glad it’s over with (and went well!) and I’m expecting my wine consumption to decrease.

+ And I’m also excited to meet the ladies I’ve been placed at a table with at MOPS! It’s going to be a great year with (hopefully) some new friendships.

+ This yogurt is everything. EVERYTHING. I wish I could eat it 18 times a day and not gain a pound. I also wish it was free.

+ We move to our new house in a week from yesterday. So… in six days. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad or whether I should be stressed or not worried at all. I might be in denial.

+ This is my favorite nail color and I keep picking it out every time I go in for a manicure (so like, three times a year). I probably should buy a bottle of my very own.

+ I’m going to make this recipe once per week all fall and winter. It is so easy (yay crockpot!) and there’s no chopping required!

+ Last night Tim and I went out for our second date night (at RockCreek – AMAZING seafood in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle) since the birth of Isabelle (5 months ago!) and it was the first time we left both girls with our usual babysitter. She said it went really well and I am so glad because I was nervous leaving her with both kids. I wasn’t worried about the girls, I was worried about her! I didn’t want her to be overwhelmed and never come back. Luckily, I think she will continue to babysit for us so date nights will one again be a thing. An every-other-week thing, hopefully.

+ Speaking of which, I use UrbanSitter to find babysitters from time to time (and always recommend this service to friends) and they’re offering a $50 coupon for new customers. Get on it!

I just heard  a cry from upstairs… I think they can tell when I’m just starting to get into my relaxation groove. Off I go.


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