A non-vacation recap before the inevitable vacation recap.

I spent this past weekend in San Diego and let me tell you, it was wonderful. I was a little hesitant to go because it (of course) involved a plane ride with two little ones, but we all survived (barely) that fiasco and had a blast on the trip.

More on that in the next few days.


Let’s do a quick catch-up on all other things:

// In Washington we all vote by mail and it was the best thing! I received my ballot without even requesting it and I could fill it out while nursing a glass of wine and reading the whole pamphlet on all of the issues. I felt like I actually made some more informed votes than I would have otherwise. Also, I can’t believe that we get to listen to election news tonight – exciting! It’s hard not to feel like a part of history on nights like this. Speaking of which…

// THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! You knew that though, right? I was so stressed out while watching game 7 that I started doing yoga poses just to get through it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when they called for a rain delay. I mean, it was a great baseball game, but not if you liked either of the teams! That is, until the end. Then obviously it turned into the greatest baseball game of all time (for Cubs fans). Thank goodness I, personally, only  had to wait 30 years for them to win, as opposed t0 the 108 that other fans had to wait. And the celebration afterwards sounded fantastic! I almost wish I was back in Chicago to participate, but it seemed a bit too crazy. Did you hear this statistic?!

// I am also having anxiety about my overdue library books. Confession: I am such a rule follower that I generally return library books even if I haven’t finished reading them if they’re due. However, this time I decided to just finish them rather than returning them and going back on the waitlist. This decision is costing me 50 cents per day and is making me feel super guilty. (I’m such a rebel!)

// I didn’t get one photo of the girls together on Halloween. So that is a total fail for my first Halloween as a mom of two. Clara was a bee, but is there any photo evidence of this? No. Because she decided she was not going to allow any pictures to be taken of her that day. This is how Isabelle managed to squeeze into the ‘favorite-child-of-the-day’ spot on Oct 31. We had a lot of fun celebrating (sans photos), though! We painted pumpkins, went to a friend’s house, went to the zoo for a costume celebration, dressed up for gym class… basically we celebrated for a solid week and it was really cute. I don’t think Clara actually noticed anything was different – but I love seeing little kids in costumes!

Guys, I know how riveting this post is, but now I feel like we’re caught up. We took a 7am flight today, which means we woke up at 4am, and I am all out of sorts. Coming back from vacation is just the worst.

I’m editing photos like a maniac now, so hopefully I’ll have some good ones to share tomorrow. Or the next day. You know how that goes.

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

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10 Responses to A non-vacation recap before the inevitable vacation recap.

  1. Voting by mail is the best!!

  2. Whoa… the whole state votes by mail? That’s odd… I’m headed to the polls this afternoon to vote! (The game was NOT great to Indians fans…. just FYI…. lol.)

    • Lisa says:

      My condolences for your Indians! YES, we all vote by mail! I think there is one polling place that was open on election day in all of Seattle, but I can’t imagine how busy that must have been. It really, really was nice to have voting be so easy and accessible. I bet eventually the whole country will adopt that system.

  3. We failed at pictures of the kids too…. I tried and they were not ideal at all. We made the mistake of taking them outside so Bensen didn’t want to stand there anymore.

    • Lisa says:

      YES pictures outside are so hard. The last time we tried it (when Clara was about 18 months) she had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her jump into the pond to chase ducks. Did you at least get some good ones of Bensen!?

  4. You all vote by mail?! That’s awesome! Oh man, I love that. That’s so great for making voting accessible to everyone. I mean, I’m not surprised – usually the more liberal a state is, the more they work to make sure everyone has an easy time voting – but still, that’s really, really awesome. Yet another reason to add to my list of reasons why Washington > everywhere else. Haha.

    Oh my gosh, last Wednesday. What. A. Day. Well, what a night, more accurately, but you get what I mean. I think that will go down as one of my favorite memories of all time – definitely top 10, for sure.

    I totally understand about the library books. I can NEVER get through mine before they’re due, but the thought of not returning them on time makes me so uncomfortable haha. I’m a serial book renewer (I actually just renewed one book a couple minutes ago for the third time…), but they only let you do that if no one else wants the book, so if you’re reading waitlisted books, that probably isn’t an option 🙁

    • Lisa says:

      I WISH I could renew the library books, but alas, there’s always a hold list. And now I owe the library $8 which makes me feel guilty! I really need to pay it to get it off my conscience…

  5. I love your random updates like this! So nice to see what you guys have been up to and of course, I always love hearing about Seattle in your posts 🙂

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