Because I can

Isabelle is going to be 10 months old soon, and I cannot believe it.

Isabelle at nine months old

This photo is going to be outdated in a little less than a week! Also, she is never amused by me.

Where has the time gone? (Says every parent.)

Today I had the rare opportunity to rock her to sleep. Twice. Usually naptime is pure chaos, because Isabelle usually goes to sleep while Clara is still awake. I rush the process, because I have no idea what Clara is getting into while I’m in Isabelle’s room. One time she almost flooded the bathroom sick and one time she put lotion all over EVERYTHING in our house and generally she just makes a typical toddler mess. (Seriously, how do they get so much stuff out in so little time?!)

But today I put Isabelle down for her nap and bedtime after Clara was already asleep, so I chose to cuddle her until she was all the way asleep (instead of my usual methods of rocking her to sleep until she’s drowsy and then putting her into her crib). I had the luxury of sitting with her for 15 min, in wonderfully relaxed silence.

There are a million things that I need to do around the house, but cuddling my daughter suddenly became #1 on the list. It sounds cliche, but it’s also very true.

I think it’s because she’s my second kid that I’m extra-sentimental about these moments. I now know that they end suddenly and far too soon!

So I’m taking the extra cuddles when I can get them. Just because I can.

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8 Responses to Because I can

  1. erinhzauner says:

    yes to all of these things. I feel the exact same way already about William.

  2. a million times yes to this one.

  3. The other day I stayed home with Bensen because he had a high fever. My mom took Emmy for the day because she’d already been planning on having the kids while I worked. I snuggled him to sleep multiple times because he was so tired and miserable. That never happens anymore and it was sort of nice!

    Emmy has never liked to be rocked to sleep, but just this week she’s almost insisted on it at night. She still likes to put herself to sleep for naps (which Bensen never did, he had to be rocked to sleep every nap and bedtime, and I never objected) but at bedtime, she fusses a bit until I pick her up, snuggle her in my arms and rock/bounce her. She’ll rub my shirt and my face and it’s the sweetest.

    • Lisa says:

      Awww I’m glad you got your snuggles in! Clara was never into cuddling either – and she still would rather I not touch her when we’re reading or falling asleep. So strange how kids are different!

  4. Awww. Such perfectly sweet mama moments!

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