It’s Wednesday which means that Clara is at preschool, I just put Isabelle down for a nap, and I have just enough time to clean the kitchen and crank out this blog post before she wakes up. Ready… go!

It’s been a month since my last currently post, so it’s time for an update!

Currently (April 2017)

Currently I’m…

// Working on: Sleep training. (Insert dramatic music here.) Seriously, this is a never ending process. We kind of go in waves over here, and we’re in the final stretch of night weaning. Wish us luck.

// Eating: Overnight oats (my favorite daily snack) and a box o’ truffles that I was gifted for my birthday. I’m managing to only eat one or two per day and am quite proud of myself.

// Drinking: Lattes. All of the lattes. Why won’t Isabelle just sleep through the dang night?! Sorry, I promise I’ll stop talking about sleep eventually.

// Reading: I am actually between books right now! (Does anyone have an awesome recommendation for one I should pick up next?) I just finished this one and really liked it.

// Wanting: A necklace kind of like this one with the first letters of my girls’ names. (Mothers Day is coming up, Tim!)

// Listening to: The Up and Vanished podcast. Thanks to a blog reader for recommending this one after I mentioned that I loved S-Town so much!

// Planning: Summer adventures! Now that the sun has shined a day or two in the PNW and the days are longer, I’m ready to start planning fun things to do with the little ones! Watch out world, here we come (whether my family cooperates or not)!

// Loving: SUNSHINE!  It’s seriously life and mood changing. C’mon spring, the PNW is so, so, so, BEYOND ready for you. I’m also loving spending more time outside with Clara. She doesn’t love winter weather, but she does pretty well in the spring/summer and I love mini-adventures with her.

// Feeling: Energized! Now that tax season is over I have an extra night in my week (because I’m no longer volunteering) and I’ve been working out semi-consistently and I’m not sick (praise God!) so I’m feeling great and ready to tackle all of the things. However, I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed because I’ve over-committed just a bit and life is busy busy busy.

// Watching: Hockey playoffs. Although, this could be short lived if the Hawks don’t win A LOT of games in a row! I should also admit that I’m loving the new seasons of the Real Housewives (NY and Potomac)… Is there anything more relaxing than watching trashy TV during naptime? It’s a true luxury.

// Looking forward to: The busyness of spring to be over. As I said, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed because this time of year is always hectic, and while it’s a lot of fun, I’m ready for the summer and for my life to be a little less structured.

Is your spring as busy as mine is? What are you looking forward to?

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9 Responses to Currently

  1. I am in desperate need of more sunshine, please!

    • Lisa says:

      Well, we had one day of it…. bleh. But at least we both got out to enjoy it! Also, let’s plan on an outdoor brunch the next time it decides to be sunny on a weekend!

  2. Heather says:

    Yay spring!!!! Sunshine makes everything better. I recently REALLY enjoyed This is How it Always Is…the description of it does not do it any justice, but trust me, it was a wonderful book. The family in it is incredible and the marriage is so sweet. And, it partly takes place in Seattle, so that might be fun for you. It’s such a lovely story and soooo readable. I’m still working on the Kitchen House so glad to hear you enjoyed Glory Over Everything!

    PS: Hope the sleep training clicks soon!!

  3. Myra says:

    Yay for Spring! The weather over in Amsterdam is finally starting to get sunny & nice enough to go out with only a light sweater & it is SO nice!

    Sleep training is a beast, for sure! Good luck, Mama. I’m almost done with Up & Vanished and am still working my way through S-Town at the same time. I listen while I run, so it’s been nice to stretch out some good podcasts!

    So glad to find your blog via Kristen!

  4. Sunshine is SUCH a mood booster. It’s way harder to have a bad day when the weather is beautiful!

  5. Lisa says:

    YES IT DOES. Kidding, kidding 😉 I hope you get some great sleep soon, too!

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