Weekend! Links (and stuff)!

5 Things. (Well, 6 if we include the graphic.)

What to feed a Millennial

+ “100% of my happiness comes from only one measure: My energy.” (a life / happiness hack here)

+ Society6 is having a 25% off everything sale. I took advantage of it to buy some throw pillows in order to please my husband. Just kidding, he hates throw pillows. I think he even threatened something or other if I bought more of them. Shrug. I guess I wasn’t listening very well. (An extra $10 off if you use this link.)

+ Have you bought ‘Reputation’? I’m still debating it. I know, I know, I shouldn’t need this long to make a $13 decision, but I never purchase music unless it’s the Hamilton soundtrack or Adele. But maybe TSwift belongs in this (very elite, obvi) group, too? Tell me, is it worth it?

+ Things I haven’t been doing this weekend: decorating for Christmas. (Because it’s not even halfway through December yet and I don’t remember Thanksgiving happening… I can only prep for one holiday at a time, people!)

+ BUT, I’m always a fan of buying all of the things in holiday-themed fragrances, and Bath & Body Works is selling their three wick candles for $12.50 sooooo my house will be smelling like holidays. Probably all year round if I buy enough of them.

This weekend has been really productive (shockingly!) but now I’m drained and am not at all mentally prepared for Monday. Tomorrow may be a double-shot type of day.

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12 Responses to Weekend! Links (and stuff)!

  1. Rachel Emily says:

    Reputation is sooo worth it in my opinion! I’m trying not to totally gush but let’s just say I’m OBSESSED.


  3. You crack me up! We need to hang out again soon since it’s been 9857345843758 months again.

  4. That image is hilarious.
    I’m irritated that TSwifts album isn’t available for streaming on Spotify. Veryyy stingy, Miss Swift…
    Well now I guess I need new pillows and candles. Thanks!

  5. I’m on the fence about reputation, too. I’ve bought all of Taylor Swift’s previous albums, but I just have not been into any of the singles off this new one so far. I always liked her songwriting, but I feel like the lyrics on the singles at least are SO below what she used to do…so I don’t know. I also barely ever buy music these days, too, which doesn’t help much in the “motivation to buy Reputation” department.

  6. erinhzauner says:

    I think I might have to break down and buy it. I’ve been doing the youtube listening so far, but….I like it a lot! Also, how dare you inform me about that candle sale? Do you know how hard it was for me to restrain myself from purchasing some? I’m still working my way through last year’s purchases haha.

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