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Moving forward

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent way more time on Facebook than I should have over the last several days. Or rather, since the election. It’s been so distracting, and not in a good way. I mean, an HGTV binge … Continue reading

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Another perspective.

My good wonderful, brave friend wrote the following post on Facebook and told me I could share it. So I’m leaving this here. I am one of the very few and very unlucky mothers who, for both medical and ethical reasons, likely … Continue reading

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Three Issues I’m Thinking About

I’ve been writing exclusively a lot about parenting lately, but I do think about other things, believe it or not! Although I will admit, I try to keep my brain relatively light now that it’s summer. I’ve been reading chick-lit … Continue reading

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(The lack of) gun control and feeling vulnerable

Sometimes most of the time I avoid talking about political things on this blog because I like blogging to be lighthearted and semi-neutral and relaxing to write and to read. However, my mama heart is aching because of gun violence … Continue reading

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Choosing to stay in a marriage is not a sign of weakness

I apologize for my blogging being a little bit sporadic lately… honestly I feel like there are certain times in life when I just get a bit bleh about all of the news I’m constantly being bombarded with. Is there any … Continue reading

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