Quick thoughts (especially useful for those of us with limited attention spans!)

Life has been a complete blur since coming back from vacation, so all my brain can handle right now is a bullet pointed brain dump.

Stay tuned for that vacation recap I promised you. I will probably get around to writing it tomorrow. And it will be riveting – or at least mildly interesting.

Until then… bullet points.

+ I bought this face mask because everyone seems to love it. I like it but I’m not sure it was miraculous after one use. My face seemed soft but dry afterwards. But will I continue using it? Yes.

Beautycounter Charcoal Face Mask+ We’re finally going to work on a sleep routine for Isabelle. This means that she’s going to sleep in her own bed from now on – woohooo! Our current sleep setup is her sleeping in a bassinette which is perched halfway on top of our bed, and I cannot get in or out of our bed, nor turn a light on, without bothering her. This is about to end, though! She needs her own space and so do I.

+ Tim and I thought we were going to buy a house, but now we’re not. Instead, we’re going to continue renting. We signed a new lease and are moving in 2 weeks – yikes! It was a very sudden and quick decision and I already can’t wait to be in our new space, although I’ll be sad to leave the house we’re currently in.

+ I’m still reading this book. It’s been taking me quite a while because we’ve been so busy lately!

+ Tim’s paternity leave is already amazing. And it’s going by way too quickly.

+ I ordered/received my first Trunk Club box the other day and I really, really loved the service. Although, I did find it to be more expensive than Stitch Fix. I’ll be doing a full comparison in coming weeks. Probably. Unless I forget.

+ I watched the Presidential debate (of course I did) and am still in disbelief that Trump is even a candidate. He is unprepared and unqualified (at best) and is a complete racist who hates women (at worst).

Green Lake Park+ I’m loving the weather here more than ever, still. September is the best kept secret of the PNW.

I’m off to drink some coffee and (hopefully) do all of the things!

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What’s on your mind?!

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Driving to Lake Chelan (was not peaceful)

On Thursday we left the Seattle city limits and headed off over the mountains to Chelan.

Tim and I haven’t been to the central/eastern part of Washington yet, and I was expecting a drive of beautiful scenery and silence. Lots of silence.

Wapato LakeWe left during Clara’s naptime to ensure that we could listen to a podcast in peace.

I was so excited to talk to Tim, listen to the radio and podcasts, and maybe even stop at some small towns to take some scenery pictures in the mountains.

I bet you can see where this is going. We  listened to screams of “I WANT ICE CREAM!” for four hours. I have no clue why she decided she needed ice cream because she rarely eats it in general (maybe twice per month?). But, she would not be reasoned with. She didn’t sleep for even a SECOND. The miracle was that Isabelle  (who never sleeps longer than 20 minutes) slept through the whole thing.

But we didn’t get to listen to the ‘This American Life’ podcasts I had lined up.

And my ears were ready to start bleeding and my brain was turning into a pile of mush by the time we pulled into the driveway of our rental house.

Then we met up with 10 friends and their 6 babies (plus us and ours) and jumped in the pool and sipped champagne and life was back to normal and sanity was (for the most part) restored.

champagne-in-lake-chelanIt was a weekend of twenty people in one rental house where the beer flowed and the kids ran and rolled and crawled and laughter was heard loud and often and we were all able to live life together for a few precious days before families started returning back to the city.

I, for one, am still in Chelan. We are going to enjoy one more morning of swimming to tire Clara out so she can nap (hopefully – because we learned nothing the first time) on our ride home.

I’m enjoying the mountains and sunshine and warm temps and little bits and pieces of relaxation.

It was exactly the break from ‘real life’ that I needed.

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Paternity Leave

Monday was Tim’s first day of paternity leave.

He gets 10 weeks off.



I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself for that amount of time.

Oh wait, yes I do! I’m going to go on playdates and leave Isabelle at home. I’m going to use Clara’s naptime to do things I want to do instead of bouncing Isabelle. I’m going to leave the house. I’m going to workout. I’m going to (try to) remember to eat. I’m going to spend more time with Tim. I’m going to think of some new hikes to try and adventures to go on…

I can’t wait! 

Tim took two weeks of his paternity leave right after Isabelle was born, but we intentionally held off on the rest of it until Isabelle was this age (almost 5 months) because I knew at this point we’d want to try to get Isabelle sleeping in her own bed and on some sort of sleep schedule. Clara was a really great sleeping newborn but life got hard after the four month sleep regression, so we were anticipating the same for Isabelle. However, our girls seem to be nothing alike and Isabelle has never slept well sooooo maybe she won’t get worse?! Fingers crossed.

I don’t want to rush into any of that ‘sleep training’ stuff yet, though – I just want to enjoy having an extra set of hands around the house during the day.

On Monday I did a bunch of stuff during Clara’s naptime and it was glorious. On Tuesday I went on a playdate to a park and left Isabelle at home with Tim. Now that I’ve been experiencing life with two kids – only taking one kid somewhere seems like a mini-vacation! I love it!

Paternity Leave

Sidenote: I really, really think it’s ridiculous that most companies don’t give their employees adequate (or any!) paid maternity/paternity leave, so I consider us very blessed that we get to have this time together.

(Although, let’s be honest, after 10 weeks I may be more-than-ready to send Tim back to work!)

Did you and/or your partner take any maternity or paternity leave?

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A little of this, a little of that.

Since I’ve barely shown up on this blog over the last week or so, I thought I’d try to catch up with a quick update:


– We now own a fish. We went to a third birthday party last weekend and each toddler was encouraged to fill a mason jar with rocks and little plastic decorations and I thought “Oh how cute, a fake fish bowl for the under-the-sea themed party” but then they put a REAL FISH in the jar and I was like, “well shoot, now I’m a fish owner.” Of course, we forgot the fish food the hosts provided for us so we had to go out and buy that and then we decided we need a better bowl.. we’re going all in on this new pet.

– The weather has cooled off here and everyone is so relieved. It’s been grey every morning and everywhere I go people are so, so happy that it isn’t sunny anymore. Seattle is a strange place.

– I’m obsessed with the ‘Neapolitan novels’ (series) and if you haven’t read them I really think you’re missing out. I’m on the third book (out of four) in this series and just love each one so far.

– I had a few really fun playdates this past week and it seems like I’m not the only mom who is struggling with life lately. I’m not happy that anyone is having a hard time, but it means so much to me that I have ladies in my life who can walk alongside me and relate to what I’m saying.

In a nutshell, life is busy and wonderful and although some things really seem to be hard for me right now, a lot of thing are going really, really well.

Thanks for all the support and love so many of you extended to me after reading my last post. I really, truly appreciate it and the encouraging comments helped lift my spirits immediately

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Treading water

I feel like I’m over here treading water lately, guys. I’m not going to lie, this mom-of-two thing is kicking my butt like none other lately.

Do you know those days/weeks/months when everything just seems especially hard? I’m in the midst of a long spell of that.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that Clara didn’t nap some days recently, or that Isabelle hasn’t napped her entire life (10 minutes is not a nap, Isabelle!), or that I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get lots of ‘life’ stuff done, or if the construction next door is making me actually crazy… I just can’t pinpoint what is causing this funk of mine. I just know that I’m in survival mode.

I’m so thankful for the playdates, coffees, conversations with friends, and the tiny bits of ‘me’ time that have kept me going.

current thoughts - mother of two

Believe me, I’ve tried to keep this girl’s hair out of her eyes. All attempts have failed.

Because I’m having a hard time.

It isn’t the busyness – that’s what is keeping me sane, actually – it’s the loneliness and frustration of listening to a crying baby and tantruming toddler, and the strain in my back from carrying a not-so-little baby because she won’t be put down, and the sleep deprivation, and the uncertainty of so many things. It’s the never-ending laundry and dishes and cleaning up toddler messes and changing diapers and making food non-stop and breastfeeding (every 2 hours! Still!) and trying to keep life organized yet fun.

I am so worn out from being a mom 100% of each and every day. I’m sure staying at home (as opposed to working outside of the home) makes it harder. I’m sure breastfeeding makes it harder. I’m sure the hormones make it harder. I’m sure this particular age of both girls is making it harder. I’m sure Tim’s long working hours is making it harder.

current thoughts - mother of two

But if I’ve learned anything from Finding Nemo it’s that I need to just keep swimming.

Even if that means crying in the shower and drinking an extra glass of wine or coffee, I need to keep going! I kind of have no other choice.

I do plan on getting some ‘me time’ soon during Tim’s paternity leave that starts next week. I just need to get there.

This motherhood thing… man, there is absolutely no way I could have been prepared for this.

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