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Another favorite baby product o’ mine

I love the concept of minimalism, but I will admit, sometimes I have a tendency to be a bit too minimalistic, at the cost of my sanity. This is especially true with baby products. There are some products out there that just … Continue reading

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Decluttering Your Space

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of decluttering my house. Now that I gave/threw away over 500 things, my goal is to not allow things in my house that I don’t necessarily want to have in it. Over … Continue reading

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Was I Able To Get Rid of 465 Things? | Minimalism Challenge

A few months ago I wrote about participating in a November minimalism challenge (#MinsgameBOSS) in which I attempted to get rid of 1 thing on November 1st, 2 things on November 2nd, 3 things on November 3rd… you get the idea. At … Continue reading

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465 things

If you guys read any blogs on minimalism, you may have seen the November Challenge floating around. (Source) I, for one, am getting on board and am really excited about it! In a nutshell, the idea of the challenge is … Continue reading

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