Marriage ‘confessions’.

We’re officially 150 days into marriage. 

Whoa, that was fast!

(And yes, I still keep a countdown to our wedding date… which now acts as a count up.  What can I say, I love milestones!)



So to ‘celebrate’ this mini-marriage-milestone, I give you…


Marriage Confessions


I don’t always wear my engagement/wedding rings. I intentionally don’t wear them when I work out, but I also forget them at home fairly frequently, and sometimes I opt to wear a different ring instead. Although, I am partial to diamonds… they match everything!

I love my alone time more than ever. I used to find it difficult to spend time alone, because I’m such a social person, but now I look forward to it!

I don’t always feel madly in love, but I do always love my husband more than I thought it would be possible to love another human being.

Even after a few  years living together, I would still be seriously grossed out if he used my toothbrush.

I still want to look sexy for my man. But, he thinks I’m sexiest in sweats and a t-shirt and a ponytail, so it’s pretty easy for me to impress him.

When I’m mad at the Husband I block his screenname from my Google Talk, so he can’t contact me at work. This is actually a good stratgye most of the time, because it forces us to talk things out in person instead of sending angry messages online (not that I would ever do that…) Sometimes I forget how to unblock him and days will go by before we realize it.

I haven’t worn all of my ‘fun’ bachelorette party gifts yet… Oops.

I don’t always like using the term ‘husband’ and ‘hubby’ is just… ew. Sorry, it’s adorable when you say it, but not when I do.

I still want (and enjoy getting) free drinks at the bar. And by ‘free’ I mean ‘bought by men-who-are-not-my-husband-and-don’t-share-my-savings-account.’

I felt older the second I got married. And wise. And mature.

It still feels weird when people ask me if we’re going to try to get pregnant soon. Am I really old/grown-up enough for that?! (As a sidenote, the phrase ‘trying to get pregnant’ always grosses me out, as soon as a friend tells me they’re trying to get pregnant all I can picture are ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, calendars, and lots of sex. But I still want to know if you are trying, so please keep telling me)

I love other people’s weddings more than ever – No pressure! No planning! Celebrating love! Open bar! What’s not to love about all or any of those things?!

I still think about our wedding and want to cry happy tears when I think of how much friggen’ fun we had that week.

I think my Husband is the sweetest, kindest person in the world. He is more than I deserve and is a better man than I ever thought existed on this planet. In my wildest dreams I never imagined a more perfect match for me.


… Sorry to end with such a mushy ‘confession.’ I’ll blame it on hormones, because I’m a woman and we’re allowed to do that, right?


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I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, cheers!

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