… and this is why I think everything happens for a reason.

There are few things I actually regret in life, but all of the regrets I do have involve me hurting someone else. Maybe not intentionally, but definitely directly.

And sometimes the way a breakup happens can cause those types of hurt feelings.

Right around this time, 7 years ago (yep, still feeling old), a serious relationship I was in was ending. Or rather, ended. It wasn’t a particularly nasty breakup, but it was sad. We remained friends for the next few years of college, until it became just a little too awkward. He still wanted to be together, I was with someone else. We were both still hurting.

Then college graduation came and we went our separate ways.

Which should have been the end of the story, except that one of my best friends from college decided to marry my ex-boyfriend’s cousin.

Ah, small world. 

This, of course, means that not only was my ex-boyfriend at this wedding (and the best man!), but so was his entire extended family.

Most of whom I knew.


This whole experience taught me a few things:

// If you must see your ex-boyfriend at a social event, be married to an attractive man who loves to dance. Actually, everyone should probably just marry an attractive man who loves to dance, no matter what the circumstances. You are guaranteed to have a blast at weddings for the rest of life!

// Drinking can really break the ice and make people less anxious and awkward. Until the vodka & sprites convince you that you’re best friends with everyone.

// Dressing like a ‘hooker’ is probably not the best way to blend into the surroundings. Although, despite my mother’s sentiments, I maintain that I didn’t look like a hooker at all.

// Be kind to people, always. 

// Time heals most everything.

// Loving mutual friends is really all people need to have in common to be able to get along.

And finally, it reinforced my belief that everything happens for a reason.

Sure, me and my ex-boyfriend (who really is a wonderful guy) didn’t work out. But, through us another couple found each other and are now married and starting the great adventure of married life. And honestly, this couple couldn’t be any more perfect for each other or awesome as individuals.


So cheers to one of my absolute favorite couples and just a bit of destiny!

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