A Quick March Recap

In case you haven’t been reading this blog that long, you may want to check out the January and February recaps. You know, just to get up to speed.

I’ll wait while you do that.

Or not.

Let’s move on.


In March we…

  • Attended a marriage conference in Lake Geneva (Wisconsin), that our church put together for hundreds of married folks. It was a wonderful weekend of learning and reflecting and it totally re-energized me to be awesome at this whole wife thing. More importantly, it motivated us both to prioritize our marriage ahead of everything else.
  • Spent time with our friend Brittany, who was back in town for the weekend. We ate dinner at GEB and it did not disappoint.

Accidental twinsies! 

  • Finished unpacking and started decorating our new apartment. Ozzie became way more well-adjusted to the new space.
  • Found out I can no longer run (during this pregnancy) so I’ve been trying new things – like classes at Pure Barre and prenatal yoga.
  • Started researching and learning more about labor and delivery and became fascinated and so much more knowledgeable. I feel much more empowered already and it’s a great feeling for both of us. We also interviewed and hired a doula.
  • Groaned every time it snowed. Which was a lot.
  • Traveled to Savannah and Charleston (both of which we beyond loved) for a long weekend. I ate all things delicious and gained slightly too much weight! But the shrimp and grits and ice cream and slices of pecan pie were sooooo worth it.

  • Went on a few weekday date nights at Broadway shows that were playing in Chicago. (This included my favorite show of all time, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’)
  • Mourned the devastating loss of a friend’s very special baby who was only with us on Earth for 2 days (plus the 39 weeks he was with us in his mama’s womb).
  • Watched a lot of March Madness basketball and cheered for most of the upsets, even though our brackets were busted.
  • Hosted friends for dinner.
  • (Think) we decided on Baby B’s name if she’s a girl. If he’s a boy… we have no idea still. And the girl one has changed multiple times already so it’s really still up in the air at this point.
  • Saw my baby bump really start to pop out.

Baby B grew quite a bit between weeks 25 and 26! See the difference?

  • Spent a lot of time with friends at home and at restaurants and eating delicious food and talking about life and catching up on so many things… always wonderful times and I’m truly impressed with who my friends are and what they’re accomplishing.

And now we’re in April and I’m optimistic that the weather will be warm and the flowers will bloom and that we won’t see any new snow! This month will bring our last big pre-baby trip, my 28th birthday, Easter (even though we’ll be celebrating it on a plane, unfortunately), a name change, the end of our second trimester of pregnancy, and all things wonderful.

I can’t wait!


What was the absolute highlight of your March?! 



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