Where I am today.

I’m at 33 weeks pregnant this week, and I can honestly say that time keeps going by quicker and quicker.

I thought it might slow down at some point (and it probably still will) because I’d begin to get miserable, but so far that hasn’t happened yet.

I know it’s not time for an ‘official’ pregnancy (third trimester) update, but I thought I would write a quick post on where I am right at this moment.

It’s crazy how 33 weeks makes the ‘end’ seem so very far away, but also so close. My midwife and prenatal yoga instructor and people like that seem to think I have quite a ways to go (because I do!) but when people/strangers ask me how far along I am, they’re shocked that I’m already 33 weeks and tell me I’m ready to pop! I can’t decide what camp I’m in. I feel like we have a long ways to go and I’m not really thinking about baby things yet, but I’m also blown away that I’ll be a mom in less than 2 months.

People I see semi-regularly (front desk receptionist, barre instructors, etc) have been mentioning that they didn’t even know I was pregnant until really recently. I guess I think I became obviously pregnant at like 28-30 weeks, so I suppose my pregnancy is going to seem super short to some people!

The weird thing is that I could give birth to this child at any time from 37-42 weeks and the baby would be perfectly on time. Of course, this makes my countdown quite inaccurate, but I actually enjoy the uncertainty and knowing God’s timing is at work, and He already KNOWS my child’s birthday!

The nursery isn’t done. The nursery hasn’t even been started. And except for a few ‘congrats on getting knocked up!’ (they had better wording than that, but that was the idea) gifts from friends, we have zero baby things. I actually like it this way… it feels very minimalist.

And we have a few baby showers coming up, so I’m sure most of what we need/want will be taken care of then! I just don’t know where we’re going to put all of the baby things without a storage system set up in the nursery… we really have to get on that.

I’m tired. So, so tired. I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold, but it could just be pregnancy congestion. Last night I got home around 9pm and wanted to fall asleep right away, but I managed to stay away to spend time with the Husband and to watch playoff hockey (priorities!).

I’ve been great about getting to bed before midnight each day, so I’m quite proud of myself for that.

I’m uncomfortable at work, and it gets worse everyday. This baby is out of vertical space, so my ribs are taking a beating, and now the pain has extended into my back ribs (are those even a thing?!) as well. It’s only bad when I sit, though, which is unfortunate – since I sit all day every day at work. I really need to get better about taking more frequent walks.

I feel BIG movement all of the time from Bumpy, which makes me one happy lady. Although, I will admit that sometimes it surprises me and I let out a startled yelp and that may alarm some people – whoops.

I still haven’t fully gotten into baby mode yet. I know that sounds weird, but pregnancy seems so strange to me still and every day is different. It’s hard to imagine that at the end of this whole process, we’ll have a human life to take care of and I’ll be a mom. I’m not sure I’m ready to become a mom yet… aren’t moms old and boring or something?!

My belly doesn’t feel stretched yet. I  mean, yeah, I feel kind of big, but i don’t feel huge and I don’t feel like my skin is as tight as it will go. This is probably a good thing since Bumpy still needs to gain some weight and my belly is probably going to shoot straight out from my body.

What is strange to me, though, is seeing the numbers on the scale go up and up. I was never one of those people who just didn’t gain weight, but I’ve always worked out enough to be able to eat what I want and still maintain my same size. However, now I can workout and eat healthy and STILL gain weight (which is obviously a good thing) and it’s just so strange to me! I’m just glad that I’ve been able to gain enough weight to be considered healthy at this point in the pregnancy, so I’m trying to focus on that even though I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to lose the pounds fairly quickly after the birth!

I’m not motivated at work and I don’t really understand how any pregnant woman could be – I have other things to think about, darnit! 

I’ve been eating more and more salads, even though I really just want to eat cupcakes. I haven’t been super crazy about nutrition during this pregnancy, but for these last few weeks, I’m trying to ensure that Bumpy is giving everything (s)he needs.

I’ve only had to wake up in the middle of the night to pee a very few times during this entire pregnancy. Like, maybe less than 10 times. For this, I consider myself very lucky! I also haven’t experienced many other negative ‘normal’ pregnancy symptoms yet, but there’s still a lot of time!

To sum it up, I’m feeling like time keeps going by whether I’m ready or not, and I’m both ready and completely unprepared for what the next few weeks have in store for us.


How are you feeling about life today?!



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