This is why we usually don’t watch award shows.

My husband is a very intelligent man and knows a lot of things about a variety of subjects. That being said, he knows next to nothing about pop culture. Not that I’m always ‘in the know’, but I do tend to keep up with the bare basics of who’s who and who’s doing what in the celebrity world.

We aren’t big TV watchers, but when we got home late yesterday evening from a day at my in-laws, we I decided to turn on the Grammy Awards to see what was happening. 

Tim was a bit confused by the mechanics of this dress. (source)

The following ‘conversation’ took place. And by conversation I mean Tim made the following comments:

| “Who is THAT? She’s scary!” (Rihanna)

| “Is her dress taped on?” (Lady Gaga)

| “Oh that’s that one weird guy, right?” (Kanye)

| “That girl isn’t wearing any clothes!” ::rewinds while I explain that I’m quite certain everyone in the audience is wearing clothes:: “Oh yeah, I guess she kind of is, but why isn’t she wearing a top?” (Kim Kardashian)

| “Is Paul McCartney a backup singer now?”

| “Taylor Swift! I like her.” 

| “Well, that’s pretty revealing. I can almost see her under-area. She looks like someone from the Hunger Games.” (Taylor Swift)

| “No idea who that is. (Sam Smith). Oh, is he the guy who sings this song?” 

| “She doesn’t normally sing with him, right?” (Mary J Blige)

| “She looks like a mermaid!” ::I explain it’s a mermaid style dress:: “Well, they did a great job!”

| “Who’s this dude?” (Prince)

| ::Pulls up video clip of the Kanye & Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 VMAs:: “Wow, that was really rude!”

I must admit that I was more entertained by Tim’s comments than by the awards show itself. I think laughter is my love language, and I’m a lucky lady to have plenty of opportunities for it each and every day!

Did you watch the Grammy Awards? What did you think?


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