Some of the good (non-heavy) stuff.

These days…


// We’ve been getting outside each and every day after naptime (instead of only in the mornings) and the girls are sleeping better!

// I am loving that we now get groceries delivered. I’ve mentioned it before, I shall mention it again… it is wonderful. It’s basically magic that food appears at my doorstep a few times per week. Plus we’ve been making healthier choices and have made much less impulse buys. Wins all around.

// Staying informed on current events in this nation is giving me whiplash. There is so much happening (politically). My advice to everyone who may also be feeling overwhelmed is this… get outside. Spend time with kids. Take a breath. Then once you’re feeling refreshed and reminded of how good the world is, do the work and be active. Also, you may want to read this.

// I gave up my daily Starbucks and now make my own lattes at home. I love waking up every day and treating myself to a latte that I don’t pay $5 for! I thought the espresso machine might be too intimidating for me, but it’s totally not. Right now we’re borrowing one from a friend to make sure we like it, but we’ll be investing in one soon.

// I can’t get enough of Corinne (from the Bachelor). Her interviews are TV gold and I can only imagine how happy the producers must be that she was chosen as a contestant. I actually don’t have a front-runner that I’m most excited about… Vanessa, maybe? Except she seems too normal. Do you have a favorite?

// I bought this robe from Anthro on super-clearance and I am so pleased. I’ve decided I need to treat myself better and this involves a robe. I usually lounge around the house in sweats, but wearing a super soft, warm robe is so much more feminine and comfy.

// I’m still obsessed with Scandal. We continue to binge watch and we just started Season 4 and it’s taking hours off my sleep every night but also it’s SO GOOD and very worth it. I also want to put out there that I don’t mind watching Scott Foley on my TV.

// I don’t say this lightly, but (who is not paying me to say this) has changed my life. A few days ago I was subscribed to 230 email lists – how crazy is that?! My inbox was always out of control and I was being bombarded by a bijillion emails announcing sales each day. No more, though, no more! I highly, highly recommend you use this (free) service. Let me know if you were subscribed to more lists than I was!

Olivia Pope is on my television now so I must give her my full attention.


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12 Responses to Some of the good (non-heavy) stuff.

  1. I can’t believe I’m going to discuss this, but…
    Corrine is my absolute favorite. She cracks me up. I want her to make it to family week because I feel like the Bachelor-nation NEEDS to me Rachelle (or whatever the nanny’s name is), hahaha. I don’t follow The Bachelor religiously, but I’ve been sticking around because Corrine is such a kooky bat. Hahaha!

  2. I’m so jealous that you get outside every afternoon! Bensen and I get outside some mornings if Emmy naps well, but I’m antsy for warmer weather and my regular post nap afternoon walks while Bensen eats his snack and then playing in the yard. I’m convinced that not having that time contributed a bit to my postpartum blahs because it was about when it got too cold for Emmy to go out and got dark too early that my blahs set in.

    • Lisa says:

      It almost felt like spring here today – 50 degrees! I can’t wait until warmer temps and longer days (of daylight)! I hope you get outside soon, too!

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Thanks so much for I did a major purge last summer (unsubscribing from lists by clicking the email at the end), but nonetheless I was now at 193. Cut it down to 36, hooray!

    • Lisa says:

      ISN’T IT THE BEST?! My inbox is so, so much more in control now – thank goodness! I was seriously spending so much time deleting emails before!

  4. CORINNE. I cannot believe that people like her are real human beings. I mean, to be fair, she seems awfully drunk during most of her interviews, which I’m sure doesn’t do her any favors. But MAN. She is just something else. I have Vanessa, Rachel, and Danielle M. (the nurse) in my final four in my fantasy league (*dies of shame*), so I’m rooting for the three of them, but Danielle in particular because I have her winning it all. Though based on screen time, I feel like Vanessa has the best chance out of the three of them. I’m super interested to see what goes down on Monday. My roommate and I are predicting a two-on-one with Taylor and Corrine, like the two-on-one with Chad and whoever the other guy on that date was in the last season of The Bachelorette.

    • Lisa says:

      You’re final four is doing pretty well! And good prediction on the 2-1! I think Chad had a 2-1 with Alex, right?! I love Corinne. Everyone else is just too boring! PLUS, I really want to meet her family!

  5. Getting outside does wonders and I’m sure it’s easier in PNW 🙂 Scandal is one of my favorites! I wish Thomas would watch it with me… but instead I’ll settle with texting my girlfriends 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t know what I would do if Tim wasn’t watching it with me, because we’re still a few seasons behind and I need SOMEONE to discuss it with!

  6. yes to grocery delivery! what service are you using?
    And we need to talk about Corrine soon. Oh my goodness.

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