Embarking on a mini-adventure!

I’ve had a lot of nervous/excited energy this week because I’ve been planning a not-so little adventure this weekend… backpacking! A friend and I will be hiking about 30 miles in 2.5 days and 2 nights. We’ll be near Mt Rainier in the wilderness, and I have no idea what to expect.

Guys, I’m not really what you might call ‘outdoorsy’. I like to be outdoors, I like day hiking, but I have never gone backpacking and I have only car camped once (earlier this summer). I have also never peed outside. I barely use porta potties. I really like running water and electricity and beds.

Basically, (for all of the previously stated reasons) I’ve always said I would never backpack. So of course, when a friend said she was going and that I could tag along, I instantly said yes. I guess you could say I’m so difficult/stubborn that I even set out to prove myself wrong whenever possible.

First Backpacking Trip!

On this trip I won’t be preoccupied with ensuring both girls don’t topple over ledges/cliffs.

I love a good physical and mental challenge and I especially love adventures. Life is filled with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities if I just seize the moment! At least this is what I’m telling myself right now.

I’ve spent a good part of this week anxiously searching the internet for advice about cougar attacks, bear attacks, backpacking tips, goat attacks, bug repellent… and now Washington is covered in smoke from the wildfires in Canada, so our air quality / visibility is awful, plus we’re under a heat warning.

So basically I’m either listening to podcasts about first time backpacking (this one!), triple checking to make sure I have all of the gear I need, ‘researching’ all sorts of scary things, stressing about weather and air conditions I can’t control… and excitedly anticipating a weekend without my family, far away from my ‘normal’ life routine and distractions.

It will be an adventure, that is for certain.

I’ll update you soon. Wish me luck! (And also Tim, as this will be his first time alone with the girls for more than 8 hours straight!)

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