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This is how to react appropriately to a loved one telling you she’s pregnant.

After I had my own wedding I realized I could have been a much, much better wedding guest in my ‘past life’. (Same goes for bridal showers, bachelorette parties…. the whole wedding ‘thing’.) Now I’m realizing the same thing about … Continue reading

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I’ve finally learned not to wear white if I’m going to be eating Thai food (and other life lessons)

*Disclaimer: I wrote this post on my birthday, which was over 2 months ago, and somehow I never posted it. Which is a lesson in itself, that life will always get in the way of even the best and simplest … Continue reading

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… and this is why I think everything happens for a reason.

There are few things I actually regret in life, but all of the regrets I do have involve me hurting someone else. Maybe not intentionally, but definitely directly. And sometimes the way a breakup happens can cause those types of … Continue reading

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