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How To Be Awesome at Monday-ing

Everyone seems to hate on Mondays and I just don’t get it. I’ve always loved Mondays! They’re still my favorite day of the week (aside from weekends, obviously), and I even love them more than Fridays. My reasoning is simple: … Continue reading

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Confession: I LOVE Mondays.

I’ve always said that Mondays are my favorite day of the week. (This might be a tiny bit of a lie, because I really do love Saturdays and Sundays and being able to hang out with the Husband for more than … Continue reading

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Monday is my second favorite day of the week. OK, maybe third.

Confession: Mondays may be my favorite day of the work week.  Yes, that means they beat out Fridays, in my book.  I would be stronger in this conviction, but I’m afraid that I would be horribly ostracized. Plus, I know that … Continue reading

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