Husband to the rescue!

The other night I found yet another thing that the Husband does super-well: he saves me in moments of crisis.  Well, maybe ‘crisis’ is too strong of a word… but he definitely comes to rescue me when I’m locked out of our apartment!

These are the keys that should have been in my pocket instead of chillin' on the counter. These are the keys that should have been in my pocket instead of chillin’ on the counter.

I like to think he came to save me and not just our monster, who happened to be locked outside in 30 degree weather with his idiot owner (me).

I had never once locked myself out of the apartment… unless you count that time when I forgot my keys and went to work and had to sit at a Starbucks and wait for Tim to come home and let me in our apartment.  I don’t count that time because I got a frappuccino and life seemed pretty great and I didn’t feel ‘locked out’ so much as ‘enjoying my afternoon outside of my home.’

Anyway, last night I didn’t grab my keys as I was taking our little monster out for a walk and I realized my mistake the second I shut the door.  I also didn’t have my phone or my wallet. I considered asking a neighbor for a credit card to ‘break in’ to my own home, but then I thought they may not be likely to lend a random lady their credit card.  Alas. So, I did the next best thing and found the nearest stranger and asked to borrow his cell phone and called the Husband (who didn’t answer) and then texted him… thank goodness this stranger was very friendly about the whole thing.  I think it was the dog that sold him, there was no way I could have shady intentions with a yappy dog running around my ankles.  He tried to pet the little guy but Ozzie was too busy trying to run after motorcycles to notice.  I wish he hadn’t been such an asshole to the nice-stranger-man but whatever, I had bigger issues to deal with.

So then the stranger walked away and I basically just waited at the door of our apartment building until the Husband pulled up on  his white horse (cab) and let me in to our building.  Yay!  I’m glad at least one of us is reliable.  And I’m glad I had my heavy winter coat on, Chicago winters are no joke!

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