Showering in fear.

The original title of this post was going to be ‘living in fear’ but then I thought that seemed a bit dramatic for a Wednesday morning, don’t you think?

You may think this post got its name from me seeing a spider in my shower.

Which would be a really good assumption, but it’s not correct (this time).

You see, on Sunday I felt like being a bit silly so I made the very-well-thought-out decision to dump a cup of cold water on the Husband’s head while he was enjoying a hot shower.  I felt so sly!

Alas – It was a disappointing moment in my life – he didn’t yell or anything, he just continued showering and calmly told me that I could expect him to retaliate soon.  This is when I realized I was in deep trouble.  You know how when you were a kid and your parents yelled (about whatever-the-heck-you-did) you knew whatever you did wasn’t so bad, but when they just looked at you and shook their heads you knew you were in deep shit?  Yep, I had flashbacks of those moments.

I wish I had considered the retaliation when I decided that playing a prank on my husband was the best-decision-ever.

I’m assuming that the retaliation will be related to the original ‘prank.’ So, I can no longer shower when the Husband is home, because showering in constant fear of cold water is not enjoyable.  And I HATE cold water.  Really, I do.  It’s probably the thing I dislike most in the entire world.  I always take hot showers, scalding showers, showers that practically burn my skin off.

Even in Africa I found ways to take hot showers, I was dedicated.

Anyway, for the last few days I’ve been showering when the Husband is out of the house, and so far it’s working pretty well.  I’m hoping that after a while he’ll forget about that whole Sunday-morning-thing-that-shall-never-be-mentioned-again and I can get back on a normal showering routine.  Otherwise, it’s possible that I’ll have to go days without showering, and that’s not really ideal for anyone.

And I’m not above a hygiene-break to avoid a cold-water scare.  Perhaps if I go long enough without shaving I’ll be able to negotiate with the Husband to forget about the retaliation in return for me shaving my legs.

After all, being married is all about compromise and negotiating (or so they tell me).

Or maybe I’ll start taking baths…  Other suggestions/pieces of advice are welcome.

In other news,one of the highlights of my week thus far happened yesterday evening, when one of my very best friends was in town for a few hours.  I left work early so we could get together to drink tea and talk about all things silly and serious and thought-provoking.

Meet Laura, she has excellent taste in scarves (and most other things, but this picture highlights the scarf) Meet Laura, she has excellent taste in scarves (and most other things, but this picture highlights the scarf)

Good friends warm my heart, which is especially convenient since it’s been approximately negative one-bijillion degrees windchill in Chicago the last few days.  Mother nature, please get your act together.

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far!  Think warm thoughts and take hot showers, because I won’t be enjoying a long shower anytime soon and someone should be!

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