Bar bathrooms, use them.

*Interrupting this regularly scheduled program to make a public service announcement: Readers, if you learn nothing else from this blog, ever, please learn this… always, always pee before you leave a bar.

Last night I was leaving trivia (we won a 4 week tournament, no big deal. I’m pretty much a professional trivia-player now) and decided since I only live 10 minutes from the bar that I would just go to the bathroom once I got home. I have a pretty strong bladder.

However, after practically speed walking the entire way home, I got to the gate of my condo complex and realized I had forgotten my keys inside.

And the Husband was just leaving a hockey game, which was about a 20 minute drive away from our place.

Panic set in.

I paced in front of our building for 20+ minutes. In pain. A lot of pain. I probably have a bladder infection now, actually.

Initially, I thought about climbing a back staircase of someone else’s apartment building and scaling a short-ish fence to get to our front door so I could attempt to break in to our place with a credit card… but in the end, I decided there were too many things that could go wrong with that plan. The main one being the possibility that I could end up peeing on our doorstep. 

Anyway. The Husband got home eventually and all was right with the world. 

Please don’t judge me by this picture. I’m tired, a bit tipsy, and very, very relieved to have an empty bladder.

However, this was definitely not a fun way to end my night and I would like to save you from a similar experience, if at all possible.

You’re welcome.

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