(More) wedding talk. Bridesmaids.

I won’t keep going on and on about our wedding (or maybe I will). But since it was one of the best weeks of my life, I will keep showing you pictures of it. Even though it was almost 6 months ago. 


When I get to our year anniversary, I promise I’ll stop with the wedding talk. Or maybe I’ll just talk about it less.

(Anyway, please just bear with me with this, people. I promise that I will ooh and aah over your wedding pictures too, because I love weddings and love and all of the joy that exists in those moments.)

Today I’ll stick to some of the ‘getting ready’ pics of the bridesmaids. Because these girls are hilarious and made my day way more special than it would have been if anyone else had been by my side.

The extra-special part? These girls live in 5 different states. Yep, 5 ladies, 5 different states. So to have them all together (in Jamaica!) for a few days was bliss – pure bliss.

Even though I wasn’t feeling 100%, these ladies made me laugh (almost) the entire time we were getting ready. They made sure my dress was in place and that I didn’t have a hair out of place. They also made sure I got into my shoes without falling over!

This is a feat in itself. I never realized how many ladies it took to get a bride into her wedding dress and shoes!

The bridesmaids picked out their own dresses (black chiffon) and shoes (purple heels) and looked phenomenal.

I would live this day over 1000 times if I could. Even more than that, actually.

// If you’re debating having a destination wedding… do it.

// If you’re debating who to choose as bridesmaids… choose the ladies who make you laugh the most (and who will force liquids down your throat when you’re a bit dehydrated).

// And if you’re never getting married but want to choose a stellar place to vacation… choose Negril, Jamaica.

Trust me on all of this.

Cheers to the great times and the sweet memories and to friendships that last a lifetime.

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