Slowing down and smelling the flowers (because there are so many things to be thankful for!)

 I’m a sucker for ‘things that make my heart happy right now’ lists. Or at least, that’s what I refer to them as. So, because I just came back from a mini-vaca and my heart is filled with all sorts of happy things, I give you…

Things that I am thankful for right-this-very-second:

  • Winning! (More specifically, when playing games with the Husband, whether it’s mini-golf or Bananagrams.) 
  • Ice cream. I’ve never loved ice cream as much as I have this summer.
  • Travel and exploring new places.
  • Road trips and having the Husband’s undivided attention for hours and hours. You can imagine that the Husband is not thankful for road trips right about now.
  • Podcasts. Specifically, ‘This American Life’ and ‘Freakonomics’. Not only are they interesting, but they make time in the car pass super-quickly. Plus, I absolutely love feeling more informed about topics that especially interest me. I must admit, I didn’t know there’s an entire app dedicated to Podcasts, and my mind is now blown.
  • Summer weather and reading outdoors
  • Hot showers and freshly shaved legs (my legs, that is)
  • Our little monster
  • Waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers, mountains, oceans, and the awesomeness of all of God’s creations
  • Best friends
  • Unpacked suitcases
  • Books that make me think (currently loving: this and this)
  • Super-fluffy pillows
  • Blog followers! Even though I know it’s just a number, I really like seeing that little number go up!
  • Good health enjoyed by me and my loved ones
  • The extra time I have now that I’m ‘between jobs’ as I like to call it
  • Meeting and learning things from strangers

What are you thankful for today!?

Cheers to life and all of its goodness,

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