I’d advise you not to put your money on a gray horse with a lame name.

Another great weekend is in the books!

Before I impart some (unsolicited advice) on you, here are some of my favorite moments from the past few days:

// On Friday we ate dinner with some good friends at Carnivale and I ordered the most delicious halibut dish I’ve ever had. 

chicago skyline

If you think your city is the prettiest city in the world but you DON’T live in Chicago… well, we’ll agree to disagree.

// On Saturday we celebrated a family birthday in the suburbs and then came back to the city to go bike riding with friends. (Yep, I’m spending summers pretty much the same way I spent them when I was 10!) We picked up Thai food and had a little picnic on the lakefront and it was basically the perfect summer night! There’s something about water and the skyline and Thai food and friendship and wine to really make me appreciate life. Then we went back to our friends’ apartment and drank wine and played card games and Bananagrams. Perfection, I tell ya.

Best friends and gambling and big hair. Ah, summertime.

// On Sunday we spent the day at the horse tracks. I only lost $2, so I consider the day quite the success! Of course, the Husband had to go and show off and win like $100 in one race. Sigh. He’s seriously the luckiest man I know, by far. You would think some of the luck would rub off on me, since I am married to him and everything, but alas – that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

arlington racetrack

So that you can avoid some of my gambling mistakes, I put together a little guide for you…

Here’s what I learned about betting on horses (my favorite form of gambling):

  • Do not ever pick the grey horse
  • Go with your gut instinct
  • Sometimes it’s worth it to pick the favorite, even if the odds are so low that you only win 40 cents
  • Even numbers are the best (this is not a proven fact, but this is my strategy)
  • Drinking can only improve your gambling/judgement
  • Picking a horse because you love their name is as good of a reason as any
  • Do not pick a horse named ‘Cocky Bull’. I should have known better… I mean, bulls aren’t even fast! Is this animal having an identity crisis? So many questions…

race horse

See, you can’t take gray horses seriously! This one just kept smiling for the cameras. (And yes, I want to take him home and keep him in our apartment but the Husband seems to think he wouldn’t like it here. Whatever.)

Cheers to summer weekends spent with loved ones!

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