Oh those pesky, sneaky life changes!

With these Blogtember writing prompts I kind of feel like I’m back in school, doing a journaling assignment in a writing class. Do you know the kind I’m talking about? One where you have a journal and the teacher says “okay, for 20 minutes please write about ______” and then students got chosen to stand up and read what they wrote?

Well, needless to say I loved assignments like that. (And I kind of assume almost all bloggers probably did!) I didn’t necessarily love reading my responses out loud to others, but I definitely like writing them down! Anyway, I absolutely loved the Blogtember prompt today, which is: 




Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.


Isn’t it funny how life can take a dramatic turn at any second?! 

I mean on a Friday in late June, I never woke up thinking that later that day I wouldn’t have a job anymore. But there I was a few hours later, sitting in an office, hearing that I no longer had a job.

Or on a Friday around three years ago as I was riding my bike from a tattoo parlor, horribly late for a first date with some guy from OKCupid, I never-ever-EVER imagined that I’d actually be meeting my future husband that night. Now I often think back to that time and think of how surprised and relieved I would have been, had I known the awesomeness that was about to be poured into my life.

It seems like big events, good or bad, often sneak up on us and can either bring great joy or a whole lot of chaos to our lives at any given time.

Personally, I love the unexpected (which may surprise those of you who have figured out I’m a control freak). Since I generally go overboard with planning out my life, I think it’s great when life just happens to me and I can react, whether than stressing about details and future plans that may never happen. Of course, I often don’t give life the chance to surprise me, but when it does, I know there’s always something great in store.

Proverbs 3

Plus, when my life changes directions suddenly, I’m reminded that the change appears sudden to me, because I don’t know the ending to the story just yet, but that God is in total control and already has a plan for my future, so the change I thought was so sudden is really just another step on the path of life.

Thinking back on it, there were so many happenings and occurrences and events that led to me meeting the Husband on September 3, 2010. You know the song ‘God Bless the Broken Road’?  Well, that song is so true and now I know why I had to date so many crazies and go through so much nonsense in order to be at a place in life that I was ready to meet the Husband and actually pursue a relationship with him. 

I have great faith that I will look at this time of unemployment in a similar way (sometime in the future!). I know that eventually I’ll look at this period in my life as another stepping stone to get me to exactly the place in life where God wants me to be so (hopefully) he can best use me.

So I guess I’m saying that meeting my husband and getting laid off are the two biggest instances I can think of right now when my life took a pretty sudden turn, but there are countless other (maybe smaller) instances I could think of. And really, maybe these life instances aren’t turns at all, maybe they are just life events that are straight in line with my future and they only seem like turns to me because I can’t quite see the finish line.

Exodus 14:14




Cheers to life changes, even those that we don’t understand!

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