This post is actually a Friday post, even though I’m posting it on Saturday.

I had the best intentions to write and publish this post yesterday (since this is, after all, a Friday post). Really, I did.

But unfortunately, yesterday I was in bed until 5pm and then was barely functioning until I went to bed again at midnight.

I wish I could blame some 24 hour virus or something, but alas, this was my own doing.

Tequila and Southern Comfort on a Thursday night. Seriously, what was I thinking? I’m not 21 years old anymore, darnit!  (PS, why did no one on Twitter warn me that this was an awful, horrible idea?!)

I’m also too old to pull the whole ‘I’m never drinking again’ card, but I really want to right about now.

Instead, I’m just accepting that my hangover is on day 2 and I’ll probably be spending the rest of today watching a Breaking Bad marathon.

So don’t feel too bad for me, actually.

But if you want to send me Gatorade, that’d be awesome.

Moving on! Friday post time.


4 Favorite Things:

  • My DVR. Seriously, I cannot even imagine having to ‘tape’ shows I want to watch! How did people do it?!
  • Cream-based soups.
  • Brothers! My brother and brother-in-law both have birthdays this month and I’m so thankful for both of them.
  • Stepping on dried leaves and hearing that crunching sound. It must be fall in Chicago!

4 Confessions:

  • I had an interview on Thursday and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would. (But I think it was still fine). I’m praying, praying, praying it works out!
  • I find writing serious blog posts are so much easier than writing ‘funny’ (well, I think they’re entertaining, but I may be the only one) blog posts.
  • I’m nursing a 2 day hangover. (This is clearly a sign that I’m getting older and I don’t really like it one bit.)
  • One effect of me staying home full time has been that Ozzie has gotten way lazier, which makes me feel like a pretty bad dog owner. Like right now, I’m on the couch writing this post while Oz is upstairs sleeping. Even on weekdays, the Husband gets up for work, I sleep for another hour or so, I wake up and get showered/dressed/etc but Ozzie stays in (our) bed until 11am (or whenever I call him for a walk).

4 Links Articles: 

4 Posts I Wrote This Week:

  • A Puggle and Yorkie and football, oh my! (Mon)
  • I guess my personality isn’t necessarily very consistent… is yours?! (Tues)
  • At least TELL me we’re stealing the cable! (Wed)
  • I will not give unsolicited advice, I will not give unsolicited advice…. (Thurs)


Cheers to a relaxing, football-watching weekend!

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