Snapshot of life in November

And just like that, October wrapped up and welcomed in November.

Yikes, that was fast!

Although October is my favorite month of the year, November is my second favorite (well, conditionally, if it snows it moves itself right to the bottom of my list.)

So it’s fair to say I’m happy to welcome in the month of Thanksgiving and colder air and my wedding anniversary. 

In case you’re curious as to what I’m up to this fine month…

I’ve spent a lot of time looking up lately… the leaves have changed in Chicago! (And are now falling quickly).

In November, I’m currently:


Reading: Remember how MONTHS ago I was reading the fifth book of “Game of Thrones”? Yep, just picked it back up again. Clearly I haven’t been taking this ‘reading’ thing too seriously lately.

Watching: Breaking Bad (Season 3!) I also watch The Voice, because let’s face it, Blake and Adam are drool-worthy and the music isn’t half bad either.

Listening to: I’ve actually been trying to spend more of my days in silence. Strange, right?! But it’s part of my mission to relax and reflect and pray more. So far, so good!

Obsessing over: The cold weather. But I wouldn’t say ‘obsessing’ in a good way, it’s more like I keep checking the weather reports in hope that it will change and this behavior is borderline obsessive for sure.

Shopping for: I’m still not shopping! Jobless and frugal is the way of life over here. ALTHOUGH, I need a good, quality pair of tights (that can really be worn as pants) so that’s on my list, currently.

Wearing: Jeans and long sleeves and I’m almost ready to pull out the scarves!

Learning: That I definitely miss our little guy furry creature when he’s at ‘human grandma’s!’ he was gone for 19 days while we were on our trip (he left a bit earlier than us because we were also out of town the weekend before we left for South America) and I missed our little guy!

Thinking: About where to go for our next vacation! I mean, we’ve been back for a whole 36 hours already… time to plan the next one!

Bothered by: It getting dark earlier now. I mean, darkness at 5pm?! No thanks.

Eating: Healthy foods, now that I’m back from vacation and have 2 lbs to lose!

Drinking: Water. I’m still trying to be good at super-hydration, but to be honest, I just really suck at it.

Wasting time on: Watching the news. I don’t know why I watch the news every day, but it’s depressing and negative and I’m convinced it’s a total waste of my time.

Loving: That big things happened for the Husband and I in October and we’re just feeling so blessed! (We sold our house, our friends had a baby, we went on a great vacation, etc!)

Praying for: Everyone going through life changes right now! It’s just that season in life for so many loved ones! Also for safe travels for everyone around the holidays.

Working on: Ummm I still haven’t started our wedding scrapbooks and I want to finish before Thanksgiving. I say this every single month but this is going to be the month, I promise! Darnit, I’m such a procrastinator!

Looking forward to: Well October was just so busy for us that I don’t think November will be able to top it! I’m excited for Thanksgiving, though… it’s my favorite holiday of the year! 


What are you looking forward to this month?!


Cheers to a new month and new adventures!

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