Do you schedule your workouts?

It’s no secret that I love working out.

Once upon a time, I was a cross country and track runner.

Then, after college I started training for and running half marathons and marathons.

Three marathons later, I “retired” from running.

Not because I dislike running, but because my body just couldn’t bounce back from the long distances anymore.

But I can’t just not exercise, because I go a bit nuts with a lack of exercise in my life.

And grumpy.

And the Husband notices these changes and immediately suggests I go and get my sweat on.

So, about a year ago I found CrossFit to fill my exercising void.

And I love, love, love CrossFit.

After going to my particular gym for about a year, I’ve learned something about myself: I workout better when I have a routine.

I’m not talking about the routine I have when I get to the gym, because CrossFit is a class and I don’t have to worry about creating my own lifting schedule.

Instead, I’m talking about writing down ‘gym dates’ on my calendar and making sure I stick to the schedule.

Maybe I’m just a Type A personality (ok, we already know I’m definitely Type A), but I love writing down everything on a list or calendar to make sure it gets done.

In my case, I know I always workout on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Limited No excuses!

Going to CrossFit three times a week is enough for me to get the benefits I’m after, even though I know I could go more often (and be sore all of the time)!

Pros of scheduling gym time:

  • I can shower way earlier on non-gym days. You know those days when you want to go to the gym (really, you do) but keep coming up with excuses not to? So you don’t shower all day long because you keep thinking you’ll shower after the gym? Well, I know that on days I’m not ‘scheduled’ to go to the gym, I can end the suspense and go ahead and shower before lunch.
  • No guilt! Years ago, I would feel guilty if I didn’t workout every day. Especially if I went more than a few days without working out. Well, guilt is no fun! By having a schedule (and sticking to it) I don’t feel guilty on my ‘lazy’ days because I know I’ll be going to the gym soon.
  • I make sure I get to the gym about three times per week

Cons of scheduling gym time:

  • Going to the gym less than I maybe could. Sometimes I could probably fit in gym time four or five times a week, but I skip the extra days since they aren’t on my schedule and I don’t feel like I need to go.
  • Feeling obligated. I generally like to feel like gym time is ‘fun’ time, but if it’s on my schedule I make every effort to get to class. I mean, this is a good thing overall, but sometimes I’m rushing around like a maniac to get to class, and it may have been better to skip the day and go the next. 

What about you guys, do you have a gym routine or do you tend to go when you have a chance?

Cheers to buffness!

(Now I have to run and get to the gym by noon… yikes!)

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