Current status: Sitting here, growing a placenta (among other things).


In my free time As a full-time job (in addition to my other full time jobs) I’ve been hard at work incubating/growing a tiny human.

I was going to simply not tell anyone until the baby pretty much popped out of my body (yes, this is how I’m envisioning it because the reality is something I’m not ready to face yet), but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to write blog posts about my life while ignoring the fact that there’s a little human inside me that is absorbing all of my super powers (like the ability to eat, sleep well, and move from the couch).

Plus, I’m freakin’ excited about a mini Lisa-Tim combo coming into the world! (I’m also terrified.)

Anyway, I’ll post more on this later, but for now the essential information that most people want to know:

  • I’m (somewhere around) 15 weeks pregnant.
  • I’m due on July 4th
  • I feel great some days, I’m bleh other days.
  • I’ve gone to CrossFit a total of like four times in the last few months and am determined to get back into a regular routine now that I feel like a real person again and have the energy to move around a bit.
  • I have no food cravings nor aversions, I’m just not hungry at all.
  • I don’t have a baby bump yet.
  • Our families are ecstatic and we just told them a few weeks ago.
  • We told the rest of our friends and family over Christmas/New Years and they are also excited.

This is the image we put on the inside of our Christmas New Years cards this year:


Major photo credit to the very lovely Giedre of Walking Dot Photography. Look out for more of the photos from this shoot in the coming weeks!


Phew, I think that covers everything for now! Actually, I’m sure it doesn’t, but you get the general idea.

Cheers to exciting changes!

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