10 Things I Like About Myself

I saw this post (and linkup!) idea from Avoiding Atrophy and immediately I thought ‘great, I love talking about myself!’ and then I was filled with thoughts like ‘but wait, what if other people don’t agree with me about what I love by myself and they think I’m narcissistic and crazy and…’ well, you get the picture. I almost talked myself straight out of writing my little love list (to me)!

Because here’s the thing, there is always going to be someone MORE than me. Someone prettier, smarter, better at everything, etc etc. but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love these qualities in myself for exactly what they are! I am definitely an imperfect and flawed human being, but that doesn’t make me any less lovable, either to myself, to God, or to others!

I realized that by writing about my better qualities, I’m not saying I’m the BEST, but I am saying that I accept myself and I know there are some things about me that are far more awesome than my not-as-great characteristics (of which I’d have no problem writing a list of 10 things! I am my own worst critic.)

So I give you…

(In no particular order)

  • My body. I’ve always liked my body. It’s strong, it’s petite, it’s been able to train for and run marathons and survive CrossFit, and it’s (for the most part) stayed healthy for the last 28 years! However, now I’m especially amazed by my body since it’s growing human life even as I type this! I’m getting the most beautiful baby bump and I cannot look at it nor feel it enough. Women’s bodies are truly something special, and I love my own.
  • My dry sense of humor. Sure, other people may not find me all that funny, but I think I’m hilarious! (And rather witty, too.)
  • My willingness to try new things and experience new adventures and travel to new places. It’s taken me to some awesome places, that’s for sure! Specifically, I wouldn’t trade our honeymoon experience for all the world.
  • My ability to make a quick decision. I hate deciding on something, only to then continuing to think about other possibilities… I just make a decision and go with it. 
  • My goal-oriented personality. Once I set a goal, I am unstoppable. I once had a list of 100 life goals and I accomplished them all within 5 years and am now onto my next list.
  • My genuine interest in people. I love meeting people, love love love it! I really care about how people are doing, and I tend to remember details about people who I’ve only met once. I find people and their lives extremely fascinating! I’m also excellent at staying in touch with friends.
  • My hair color. Once upon a time I dyed my hair really dark brown and I’m not sure why I ever thought that was a good idea. My hair is (naturally) light brown with blonde and red streaks and I just love it.
  • My intelligence and ability to speed-read. I’ve always been smart, and smart is sexy.
  • My choice in a husband. There’s no doubt about it, the Husband is my better half. I may not have picked the best dates over the course of my life, but I did pick the absolute best husband.
  • My ability to ‘get’ people. I’ve never had a hard time understanding people, and it has served me well!


Phew, that wasn’t so bad! If you want to write a list of 10 things you like about yourself, join me in linking up with Avoiding Atrophy!

(Also linking up with the lovely Liz over at Fitness Blondie today!)


Tell me, what’s one thing you love about yourself today!?


Cheers to being imperfect!

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