Babymoon: Warsaw highlights!

The Husband and I are a little over two days into our babymoon already, and the time is already going by way too fast! Our first stop was Warsaw.

old town market square warsaw

Old Town Market Square – Warsaw, Poland


  • We stayed at a wonderful hotel (Polonia Palace) and had a room with a great view of the Palace of Culture and Science and within super close distance of the main train station. This was both convenient and also great for people watching in the morning when I was up at 4am with jet lag.
  • The breakfast. We had our breakfast at the hotel (Polonia Palance) and it was outstanding. Basically it had everything a person could ever want and more and I even got dessert. Plus, they served Nutella in little packets and I ate mine with a spoon because of course. I didn’t get to enjoy the bottles of vodka and shot glasses they had out on the breakfast buffet, but it made my heart happy that it was even offered.

hot chocolate in warsaw

It was a little damp and cold in the air, but you know what solves that?! Hot chocolate.

  • OK, basically the food in general was a highlight. I was a little worried, as I don’t eat meat and the menus are all heavily meat-based, but I had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Potato pancakes. Pierogies. Hot chocolate. Fish. Fried camembert sandwiches. I have not gone hungry thus far, that is for sure.
  • A manager at a restaurant gave me some pillows to prop up against and sit on in a booth, because he said I needed them since I was really two people. Such a sweet gesture! (My belly must be getting big, because he was the first stranger to mention anything about me being pregnant.)
  • We joined a free walking tour around The Old Town and loved learning a little about the sights and history. The tour ended with vodka shots at a local bar – although we learned that beer has surpassed vodka in popularity in Poland. Who knew?!

vodka shot in warsaw

Vodka shot! It was the perfect way to end a walking tour. The Husband said it was quite tasty.

  • The people are very friendly and helpful, in general. We even met a kind older gentleman who attempted conversing with us in a coffee shop. Well, we’re assuming he was kind because he smiled a lot, but we had no idea what he was saying and had to politely excuse ourselves.
  • We ate dinner one night at an English Pub (I know, I know, we just weren’t in the mood to do a full-on Polish experience the first night) and Manchester United happened to be playing. It was quite the lively event! 
  • We saw some wonderful churches and historical sights that we loved exploring. We learned about some of the history of Warsaw (I was clueless before going there) and watched quite a few YouTube videos about things we saw, in order to learn even more. 
  • The Husband and I were able to relax and chat about things other than what needs to get done at work and in life and around our apartment. What a breath of fresh air!

… And we’re just getting started!

Next stop – Krakow, Poland!


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