(Not-so-deep) blogging ‘confessions’.


//  I (still) get really excited when a ‘big’ blogger comments on one of my posts.

//  I would rather promote other bloggers than myself. It just makes me uncomfortable to self-promote.

//  I’m immediately jealous of any blogger that gets a bijillion comments on a post that probably took minimal thought/effort to write. I aim to be that person (kind of).

//  My favorite part of blogging is meeting new people, still.

//  I absolutely appreciate my readers. You guys leave the most thoughtful and insightful comments ever!

//  I feel weird self-promoting and leaving my blog URL on comments… but I may have to start doing it because I definitely appreciate when I know where my readers are writing and I figure other people might like it, too!

//  I got into Pinterest and Instagram wayyyyy too late in the game, and really regret it! 

//  And I recently started a Facebook Page for this blog and I have no idea whether it serves any purpose or not. But I probably should have started that sooner, too.

//  Sometimes it’s difficult to promote certain sponsors because they don’t post, and then I’m filled with guilt that I can’t do enough for them.

//  I’m constantly figuring this whole blogging thing out.

//  I’m trying not to check my stats consistently but sometimes I just can’t help it! I’ve been doing much better with this lately, though.

//  I really wish I put more time into my personal appearance just so I could take more blog/Instagram-worthy pictures.

//  I blog at work. I don’t know how anyone keeps up, otherwise! I could handle blogging – but reading other people’s blogs… no way Jose, it has to cut into my work day for it to happen consistently.

//  When I can’t blog at work – I end up 600 posts behind in my reader. This is not a great feeling.

//  I write most of my posts between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Even if I’m free all day and definitely have time to get to it before then. And I don’t schedule posts.


Phew, glad I got those off my chest. Linking up with Kat today!


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