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A Little Q&A With Cait

One of my biggest challenges in being a blogger is finding people who can relate to what I’m working on. My good friends are barely into social media and the internet in general, much less the blogging world, so they have … Continue reading

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Why I Switched from Bloglovin’ to Feedly.

I recently made the switch from Bloglovin’ to Feedly, and I must say, I’m happy with my decision. I know Bloglovin’ is all the rage right now (and has been for a while), but for me, I was seeing too … Continue reading

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A Naptime Blog Rebrand

My original intention was to wait until the weekend to officially re-brand this little blog from ‘Two Martinis’ to ‘Naptime Chai‘. However, patience is not a gift of mine and when Rachel sent me the incredible new design, I just had to … Continue reading

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A better way to comment using Disqus.

I’ve used Disqus on this blog for quite a while now. Actually, I think I’ve used it forever. The first version of this blog was on WordPress and now it’s self-hosted, so Disqus has always been the tool of choice … Continue reading

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A new blog idea/direction.

Sometimes I think about the big picture of this blog and even I get confused as to what this blog actually IS. I mean, it’s definitely a lifestyle blog, but who does it serve? How does it help? I like … Continue reading

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