Why I Switched from Bloglovin’ to Feedly.

I recently made the switch from Bloglovin’ to Feedly, and I must say, I’m happy with my decision. I know Bloglovin’ is all the rage right now (and has been for a while), but for me, I was seeing too many ads, and for some reason I kept scrolling down and seeing the same 10 posts (as ‘unread’) over and over again.

Bloglovin’ started seeming cumbersome and overly complicated, and I don’t know why I kept having technical difficulties, but there they were.

Then I switched to Feedly and blog reading has become much, much simpler.


This is what I like about Feedly:

  • I can concisely and quickly see a list of blog posts. I can also easily hide the posts I don’t wish to read.
  • I actually think it takes me about 1/3 of the time to read through my feed, compared to the amount of time it took me when I was using Bloglovin’. I credit this to faster page load times. (But, in Feedly I don’t see the blogs as their actual page – like I did when I was using the Bloglovin’ frame. Instead, I only see the posts and images and no header/sidebar/etc.)
  • It’s really simple to open a blog outside of Feedly so that I can comment (so I do it more often).
  • It’s also easy to save or share a link to the actual blog from Feedly, whereas in Bloglovin’ it always linked to the post within the Bloglovin’ frame (if that makes sense).
  • Adding content from a blog/website to my feed is very simple.
  • There are different views in which I can look at the list of blog posts in my feed.¬†Personally, I use the ‘title only’ view so that the page loads more quickly.
  • I can create categories of blogs so that I can better organize my feed.
  • There’s nothing I need to do to manage my own blog in Feedly. I didn’t need to ‘claim’ it or do anything at all for readers to be able to access it.

If you love Bloglovin’, great, don’t fix what isn’t broken! But if you’re looking for a different way to read blog posts, I highly recommend trying out Feedly.

* Sidenote:¬†You can definitely still use Bloglovin’ to keep up with Naptime Chai! I don’t use Bloglovin’ for my blog reading needs, but that doesn’t affect my blog being able to be read through their site.

I’m genuinely interested, how do you keep up with your favorite blogs?

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