Third Trimester (aka, “The Final Countdown”)

I can’t decide if this pregnancy is going super slowly, or super quickly at this point. The weeks fly by, but when I say I’m ‘only’ 31 weeks pregnant, I feel like I have forever-and-a-half to go. My physical therapist laughed at me last week because I told her that I was finally feeling ‘legit pregnant’ since I was beyond the 30 week mark. I guess it just takes me a while to process things!

I’ve mentioned it before, but this pregnancy is so similar to my first pregnancy that I basically feel like I’m re-living everything again. I mean, my life is very different, but the physical aspects of pregnancy seem the same. The first trimester was tiring/nauseating. The second trimester was awesome in (almost) every way. The third trimester… well, it’s going downhill in a hurry.

The only thing that keeps me in a good mood every day is knowing that it’s only going to get worse! How’s that for some pregnancy inspiration?

Even if my calendar didn’t (constantly) tell remind me that I’m in my third trimester – I would definitely know.

How I Know I'm in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy (Even Without My Calendar Telling Me!)

I Know I’m in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Because…

  • This bump is starting to not only feel large, but a bit heavier, too. (I guess Baby Beni is 3 lbs now, or the size of a coconut.)
  • I’m tired (again).
  • When I attempted to reach over a table (to plug in a printer) at the tax site I volunteer at, at least three people jumped up and told me to “STOP! You’re going to squish the baby!” This type of chaos doesn’t happen to moms in their first or second trimester!
  • Also at the tax site, my manager told me to go ahead and grab “the largest volunteer shirt you can find” before they put them into storage. I guess that means my size small is getting a little snug.
  • I’m nauseous in the mornings and at night. Is this a third trimester thing? Is it because of the iron supplements I’m taking? I’m not sure, but it just started and I’m not a fan.
  • I can no longer shave my ‘bikini area’ without mirrors, assistance, psychic powers, turning into a contortionist, etc. Right now I just kind of slash around down there and hope I don’t cut off anything essential.
  • Sitting comfortably is not that easy – especially with a toddler on my lap!
  • And Clara (and Ozzie) really can’t sit on my lap anymore, because there’s already a baby sitting there all day, every day.
  • The other day, a driver stropped at a green light to wave me across the street at a crosswalk. I’m not sure if he was just very friendly in general or if he’s really considerate towards pregnant women, but it was a nice gesture and made me feel very large.
  • I can’t cross my legs when I’m sitting in a chair.
  • I also can’t easily put on shoes and socks.
  • Sleeping on my back is for sure not happening.
  • Even maternity shirts are getting too short. Unless they were intended to be crop-top maternity shirts, which I’m hoping don’t actually exist.
  • My jackets don’t zip anymore. (Thank you, maternity coat, for saving me!)
  • I can’t lie on my back for long before feeling shortness of breath and generally not-great.
  • Strangers are beginning to comment that I look ‘so cute’ pregnant. Which means I must look very, very pregnant. (Also, a kind woman who was standing behind me at church told me she couldn’t tell that I was pregnant at all until she saw my belly – does this mean I’m having a girl? People said the same thing when I was pregnant with Clara.)
  • My fingers are swelling a bit, so my wedding rings may need to come off soon.
  • I’m actually starting to think about what needs to get done before the baby gets here. So far on my list includes buying a dresser and washing some gender neutral newborn clothes. I’m sure I’ll add more to that list as time goes on.
  • Baby Beni’s kicks & movements are even more awesome now, because Tim and I can see and feel little body parts poking around my bump and we love watching him/her roll around in there.
  • I just made all of my doctor’s appointments for the rest of the pregnancy! Yikes. (And yes, there is a 41 week appointment on the books that I hope I won’t need to use, but my OB seems to think I’ll hit 41 weeks with Baby Beni, and I don’t disagree!)

I’m sure this list will get longer and longer as the weeks pass by. Right now I’m very thankful that I don’t have much rib pain (yet) and that I’m feeling great overall. I hope it continues on this way for quite a few more weeks! I love that people notice my bump and say such kind things to me. I also love that I continue to have energy to do most things I want to do. Even though the third trimester is not-so-comfortable sometimes, I really can’t complain.

In about 2 months (actually, my due date is exactly two months from today) we’ll be meeting our newest family member.


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