Feeling At Home & Links for your Weekend

Seattle truly feels like ‘home’ now, which is such a strange thing to say, since we haven’t been here very long. But as the weeks go by we spend an increasing amount of time in community and we’ve established a routine and I just feel like we’re really meant to be here. Take my week, for example…

Highlights of my week included: 

A moms night out, a fun play date, watching babies in the nursery at church, Tim’s parents visiting us last weekend, prenatal yoga, hosting our small group for dinner/discussion, library storytime, volunteering at the tax site, and going to a gym class with Clara (which she absolutely loves).

And I’m sure I’m forgetting some things. 

It was a really, really good week – as they mostly all are.

Some favorite links from around the web

Things I’ve Read on the Web

// For All the “World-Changers” Now Driving a Minivan: “We were told we’d change the world; that we’d help starving children in Africa, or preach the gospel to an indigenous tribe, or at least work in full-time Christian ministry. But now? We’re holding down jobs, staying home with children, or waiting around for the answer to True Love Waits, and life doesn’t feel quite so momentous.” (here)

// Why Moms Should Care About Politics: “As citizens of this country and parents to future citizens of this country, engaging in respectful debate, listening to other points of view, paying attention to what is happening in the world are crucial to building a better one.” (here)

// You Can’t Read, Watch and Do Everything: “If we were to get technical, it’s fair to say that Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook only ask us to do one thing: scroll through our feed to see what might interest us, and either read it then or save it for later. It’s the “save it for later” part that I’m not willing to do anymore. I just can’t. If I don’t have time to read something then, there’s no point bookmarking it for later, because there’s a 99% chance I’ll never read it. And you know why? Because the next time I log on, I’m just going to see more stuff.” (here)

// What ‘Submission’ Actually Means: “Fret not, ladies and gents. A quick study reveals biblical submission is much more than antiquated roles and gender bias. Instead, it’s about mutual service, selflessness and love and ultimately, attitudes that should mark any believer, male or female.” (here)

I hope you have a splendid weekend!

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