I don’t share cupcakes, especially the coconut ones.

Another week in the books! And with each passing day we’re getting closer and closer to consistently nice weather, I can just tell! This week we relaxed more than usual (much needed!), I went out for mocktails with a friend, we watched quite a bit of hockey, we went to our second labor and delivery class (I feel empowered but also terrified at this whole delivering a baby out of my vagina thing), and going to work and doing normal life things! 

Time for Friday Fours!

Mocktails and cupcakes. I’m loving my pregnancy diet (I have also been eating some veggies, too).

Four thoughts from this week 

  • Not to keep talking about the weather, but a week ago it was 90 degrees and now it’s snowing. WTF, Chicago?!
  • The Husband and I had a ‘required’ date night this week (instead of our regular meeting with our small group at church), so we ate dinner and talked about life in our pajamas. There were also cupcakes involved. This is all I have the energy to do lately, which is fine by me!
  • We dropped Ozzie off at a friend’s house for a little weekend getaway, and Oz practically skipped inside, never once looking back. This dog of ours has no loyalty.
  • I’ve given up blogging at night (for now), hence the morning and afternoon posts I’ve been publishing lately. I actually like this change, because it allows me to go to bed earlier and work hasn’t been so busy lately, so I’ve been able to get posts written there. 


Four pregnancy notes 

  • There’s almost always a body part sticking out of my abdomen that is not my own.
  • I’m getting more and more uncomfortable every day… typical for this stage of pregnancy, so I hear! I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about it, though.
  • I have a family baby shower this weekend, and I’m very excited to see everyone! I definitely don’t see my extended family often enough, since they all live out of state.
  • The other day I bought some new, tight, maternity dresses. The loose ones just make me look like I’m 400 lbs… which I’m not a fan of!


Four links (that are too good not to share)


Four Three posts (of mine) you may have missed

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  • My (not so organized) writing process. (Tues)
  • Where I am today. (Wed)


I hope you had a wonderful week doing all sorts of fun things.

Talk to you on the other side of this weekend…


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