A weekend full of little moments.

Over the last few days…

Family baby shower for Bumpy!

//  I dipped french fries in my frosty (from Wendys) on our mini-road-trip.

//  I saw lots of female family members who I don’t see nearly enough.

//  I learned that wearing a black dress to a baby shower isn’t the best idea since the bump isn’t as noticeable.

//  I also learned that chili is a messy road trip food.

//  I ate lots of cake and all things delicious.


This cake (chocolate & caramel inside) was just as delicious as it was adorable.

//  I tasted baby food for the first time since… well, since I was a baby. 

//  I laughed a lot.

//  I saw one of my roommates from college who is still a close friend.

//  I ooohed and awwwwwed over everything newborn. 

//  I was overwhelmed with the generosity and love my family members have for such a tiny baby who they have yet to meet.

My lovely lady cousins helped celebrate Bumpy’s soon-to-be arrival!


What was the best moment of your weekend?



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