Things I can no longer do (because Bumpy has invaded my personal space in a huge way).

Fact: I love pregnancy.

Another fact: There are certain things that pregnancy has (finally) restricted me from doing. These are things that I used to take for granted in my pre-pregnancy days – or basically any day of this pregnancy up until my 30th week.

Yet another fact: I spend a lot of time staring at my (growing and moving) belly. And yes, I realize this picture should not be on the internet, but pregnancy isn’t always glamorous, darnit!


//  Put on socks easily

//  See (much less shave) my vagina

//  Wear (most) non-maternity clothes

//  Get on a scale and recognize the number

//  Touch my toes

//  Eat junk food without feeling guilty

//  Sleep on my back or stomach

//  Go for more than a week without seeing my midwife

//  Drink tequila, which I’m craving now that the weather is getting warmer!

//  Sit comfortably for longer than a few minutes (Who knew that sitting could be so painful during pregnancy?! Darn rib cage.)

//  Run… or really workout at all

//  Exist at any given moment without feeling tired and/or hungry

//  Walk around and blend into the crowd (everyone ALWAYS notices – and comments on – the pregnant lady)

//  Admire my abs and work towards a six-pack

//  Walk quickly – this one is questionable because I’ve always been a slow walker, but it would have at least been physically possible for me to walk quickly before, even if I never took advantage of it

//  Notice if I drop something (food) on parts of my outfit, especially if it’s under Bumpy

//  Go hours talking to friends about something other than impending parenthood


I’m sure this list will continue growing for the next few weeks – yikes!


Cheers to this whole miraculous process, as uncomfortable as it can be!

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