In honor of Friday I’m not putting on pants nor taking a shower.

If you didn’t happen to see my little ‘announcement’ on Twitter, this week I ate my first ‘cuffin’ which is a cookie combined with a muffin and it was s’more flavored and the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. I’m not even exaggerating there (or at least I don’t think I am, pregnant Lisa is more into sweets than ‘normal’ Lisa but her opinions are all I have to go on right now).

Other highlights of this week included: a surprise baby shower for Bumpy that our church group threw for us (we are seriously surrounded by the most supportive people!); a date night to the theater; continuing to watch a few episodes of OITNB; eating dinner with Tim’s family; and nursery decorating!

Wasn’t I supposed to be slowing down life by now?! Yes, yes that was the plan and I’m failing.

Friday Four time!

Bumpy is now big enough to fit into this little onesie! (Ignore the chaos around me and horrible lighting of this picture.)


Four thoughts from this week 

  • I got acupuncture for the first time ever the other day and I’ll write more thoughts on it later, but I liked it enough that I’ll definitely be going back. Have any of you ever tried it?
  • One day this week I went with Tim to his office (‘take your pregnant wife to work day’, is what we deemed this event) and it was really nice because Microsoft has free beverages and that’s really all it takes to make me happy.
  • My email was out (server error) for over a day before I noticed. I just thought no one was trying to email me! Whoops. I’m seriously not getting an award for employee of the year anytime soon… I’m so mentally checked out.
  • I returned an item of clothing to a store and they are going to snail-mail me a check for the refund. Ummm what?! I have never heard of such nonsense! I didn’t even know how to respond.


Four pregnancy notes 

  • Freakin’ Braxton Hicks, all day every day… I hope this means that my body is doing something to prepare for this whole labor thing.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Evening Primrose Oil – let’s get this uterus toned and cervix softened!
  • We’re officially full-term as of yesterday! The ideal is still 39 weeks, so that’s the goal, but Bumpy could be born anytime now and not be considered a preemie. I’m so thankful we made it this far together!
  • I dislike rolling over in bed (too much effort) or standing up from a lying down position (also too much effort) and sitting for longer than a few minutes (the discomfort in my ribs start to become unbearable), so I guess you could say I’m beginning to get a bit uncomfortable at this stage! But, then Bumpy kicks me and I forget everything because it’s still the best feeling in the world.


Four links (that are too good not to share)

  • On soon-to-be fathers. (via Zen Habits
  • On forgiveness. (via Simple Marriage
  • On making changes. (via Zen Habits)
  • On the welfare queen. (via Slate) *This is seriously the most bizarre story I have ever read and I highly recommend it*


Four posts (of mine) you may have missed

  • I’m crossing ‘win a bridal shower game’ off my bucket list. (Mon)
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Featured blog(ger)

the best is yet to be blogOh happy day! Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Amanda, from ‘The Best Is Yet To Be‘.  Her blog title by itself is completely inspiring, so you can only imagine what I think of her actual blog – it’s amazing! I feel like Amanda and I are kindred spirits: we’ve both been blogging for quite a while because we just love writing about our lives, we’re both newlyweds (well, I like to say I’m a newlywed, I guess I’m really not), we both love God and baking and vodka… You get the idea.

Amanda writes her blog like only her best friends are reading it, which I completely love. I really feel like I’m able to get an insight into her life and it’s the type of blogging that is written without the ‘fluff’, if that makes sense. I’m sure you all know by now that vulnerable posts and bloggers are my absolute favorite, and Amanda excels at writing those. I especially love this post on self-doubt and this one on living in (and being content with) the present moment

I don’t even need to tell you why I love this post. Online dating: I love it, I recommend it, it will be terrible and wonderful and hilarious, and you should definitely read Amanda’s rules!

But wait, I can’t let you go without recommending this post. I especially agree with the last point Amanda makes. Just read it.

Well you get the general idea, so get on over there and check her out!

Of course, feel free to stalk follow her (and her blog!) on Bloglovin’Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram.

** Do you want to be a featured blogger/shop owner? I have some spots (starting at $2!) available immediately

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday! I’m very excited for this weekend because my younger brother is graduating from grad school and I have my last baby shower with some awesome girlfriends!


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