World events – they happen and we should all be informed!

I like to think that I’m a fairly non-judgmental person, but I’m not sure I always succeed. I mean, I don’t act judgmentally towards people (if I can help it) but I definitely think that there are best ways to live life and not-as-great ways to live life, and sometimes I can’t hide my opinions.

One of the things that makes me judge someone immediately is when a person casually mentions they don’t keep up with current events, and don’t seem to feel any desire or necessity to do so.

I mean…. what?

The world is a big and beautiful and complicated place.

I totally get the person who says they haven’t had time to read up on current events lately. Or someone who has been away from all forms of media and has a bit to catch up on. I’m not suggesting every person needs to know about everything going on in the world at any given time. But when someone tells me they just don’t even try to keep up with current events/politics/world issues/etc I get genuinely confused and my judgmental side starts churning. 

Because if we (as a society) don’t pay attention to current events, it means our lives revolve around each one of us and the world we’re experiencing every day. It means we’re disregarding the ‘larger’ world around us, even those in desperate need of help. It means that we aren’t actively seeking out ways to make the world a better place, because we aren’t even aware of what the world needs. It means that we’re ignoring extreme poverty and injustice and oppression happening all around the globe. It means that we aren’t making informed voting decisions about things that will directly effect our future.

I strongly believe that what is going on in the world matters. Our world is getting smaller and smaller as all of its citizens become increasingly interconnected. As much as we would like to think that things happening across the globe do not affect us, these events do. As easy as it might be to say that we don’t care about politics, we should (to a certain extent at least, I won’t pretend I follow politics super-closely, but I do believe that knowing the main issues is essential) because we should all be taking advantage of our right to vote. It’s convenient to brush aside some issues with the excuse that we might not be smart enough to understand them, and sometimes, that can be true, but we should attempt to understand even the hard things and keep ourselves curious.

I don’t think we all need to be experts on everything, but I do think we should all be seeking to understand what challenges the world (and especially the country we call home) face at any given time. And I believe we should encourage our children to do the same (as they get to an appropriate age), so that they can be agents of positive change in the future.

I don’t think ignorance is cute or acceptable. I think we owe it to ourselves and to each other to be informed and to attempt to make the world a better place – and the first step to this is knowledge. I know that I don’t love watching the news because I find it to be overly sensational and negative. Instead, I read theSkimm each morning (it takes 5 minutes) and I try to read some news articles or at least watch ‘The Daily Show’ at night. I could do more (of course), but this is what works for my current lifestyle. 

By no means am I suggesting that I am perfect when it comes to knowing about the world and attempting to advocate for causes – I know I should be making these things more of a priority in my own life – but I’m challenging us all to be more informed and to think of this as a requirement to be a good global citizen. No one’s world should only be as big as what they experience every day.

I’ll get off my soapbox (for now).


Tell me, how do you keep up with current events?!



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