In Illinois we vote early and we vote often!

We took Clara to the polls with us. It’s never too early to start good habits!

I voted because…

  • I care about many issues and voting is something I can do about them (for free and involving little/no time).
  • I care about my future.
  • I care about Clara’s future.
  • It’s my right and privilege to do so.
  • I truly believe that every vote counts.
  • I don’t need to be an expert in politics to have an opinion.
  • I care about my country and how it is being run.
  • I care about my state and care how it is being run.
  • I want to be able to complain later if I’m not happy about the outcome of the (midterm) elections.
  • Being apathetic (about the leadership of my city/state/country) isn’t cute or acceptable.
  • I want politicians to know that females are voting, and we matter, darnit!


What motivated you to get to the polls?!



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