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Tim and I celebrated Valentine’s Day last night (Wednesday night is always our date night!) and so today I’m thinking of all things lovey-dovey. I wish I didn’t love Valentine’s Day, but I do. I love everything about love. 

Anyway, I’m handing over the blog to Lauren from Lot 48 today. Make sure you head over to her blog and say ‘hello’!

Lot 48 Wedding


Do you and your husband celebrate Valentine’s Day? Yes!  Our wedding anniversary is February 8 so I was nervous that we would skip over Valentine’s Day altogether, but I refused to let that happen!  Is it too much to ask to want flowers on both days?  Our first valentine’s Day together was when we were on our honeymoon, so we went to one of the nice restaurants on the cruise ship where you have to pay extra.  And it was sooooo worth it.  It was a steak restaurant and it was the best steak I have had in my life.  I would go on that exact cruise again just to eat that steak again.  They like marinated it for like or year or something, it was just amazing.  This year we will be in San Francisco for Valentine’s Day.  I am so excited because we have been wanting to take that trip forever and I thought it would be fun to go over the long weekend. I can’t wait! 

What do you enjoy most about Valentine’s Day?  That it isn’t just a day about showing your love for those you love romantically, but love unromantically too.  Family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, whomever you love you get to do something fun for them on that day.  I love it. 

What is your love language?  Definitely touch and quality time. I love love being touched.  I’m always holding my friends hands, hugging them, putting my head on their shoulder, asking them to scratch my back in movies, really anything that makes them uncomfortable.  And I love to say that I love people over and over again.  I say it all the time.  To my family, my friends, my little nieces and nephews, everyone I love.

What is your spouse’s love language? Touch and quality time as well. I hit the jackpot with a husband who loooves to cuddle.  He will get annoyed if I say this because it isn’t “manly” but when we come home after a long day, he says “and now we can cuddle?” in this cute little shy, hopeful, voice.  It is completely adorable.  If we go to a family function and the littles optimize my time and I am holding baby after baby and kissing them and holding them and playing with all my nieces and nephews, Taran always tells me after “I was so jealous! You held Isaac for like an hour! He was getting to cuddle with you and I wasn’t!” It is adorable and I love it.  But really Taran, Isaac the squishiest, smiliest 6 month old baby.  I love my nieces and nephews soooooo much and when I am with them, I have to hold them I have to play with them.  the other day we all went swimming as a family and three of my nephews ran up to me to give me a hug when they saw me and I nearly fell down i was so shocked.  They are 3 and 4 and too cool to hug me, but they did! I was in heaven.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions as a couple?  We haven’t really started any yet as have always been on vacation for Valentine’s Day, but a nice dinner has always been involved. And flowers. And jewelry.

What do you love most about your spouse?  He is not a complainer and is the most selfless man I have ever met.  When we first met and first dated, we were both in a really bad place and he was really negative and complained a lot about how he thought he would never get married and his plan was to marry a widow in his forties.  That turned me off.  8 months later when we started dating again, we were both in better places in life and  were each individually happy, and when I saw him again, that turn off of complaining was completely gone.  He is so selfless.  The other day he did the dishes for me and didn’t even mention that he was feeling really sick.  He never complains, never says anything is wrong, but I can always see it on his face so I ask him.  He never tells me voluntarily.  He treats me like a queen he is so sweet and does so much for me.

What do you love the most about yourself?  That I am nourishing.  I learned that from my mother.  My sweet, amazing mother taught me how to nourish, how to help people, how to take care of them, how to stop thinking of yourself and think about how someone else is feeling in a situation.  She is such an example to me.

If you were going to buy yourself a Valentine’s Day present, what would it be? Oh geez…. probably a killer dress or anything on my “I want” Pinterest board.  I used “Rent the Runway” for our one year anniversary and the dress was so gorgeous!! I would love to to have dozens of dresses like that.


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