A small change with immediate results.

It took me way too long to make this change.

I made it last night and got huge, immediate results. Well, maybe the results weren’t ‘huge’, but they were significant.

Here’s what I did:

// I went into my phone’s General Settings and I turned the notifications for my email OFF.

That’s right, no more pesky badge numbers popping up from my email on this phone! Thanks, but no thanks, notifications!

It took me far too long to make this change.

I’m one of those people who sees a text message pop up and I must read it right away. I don’t always respond immediately, but I read it as soon as I notice it. Until very recently, I’ve acted the same way towards emails. And do you know what happens? I read something, I think ‘oh shoot, I need to respond but I’m in a rush to go somewhere so I don’t have time right now’ and then I promptly forget all about it.

But this year I resolved to be more intentional with my time and actions.

This year I’m focused on doing more and thinking about doing things less.

I want my energy to be used wisely – and this means less multi-tasking.

I’ve discovered that it’s not a good idea for me to tap on my inbox 50 billion times a day to quickly delete a spam email I don’t even care about. That sort of behavior separates me from where my attention should be – which is in areas that improves life for myself and my family.

I still check my email, of course, but I check it when I have time, and not every time I see that a new email came in.

In just a few days I’ve found that I’m far less distracted by my phone, which means I spend less time on it. Win-win.

This is definitely a small change that has led to significant results.

What small change have you made lately to improve your quality of life? Do you find yourself constantly checking your email?

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