Things I’m into.


Gratuitous vacation photo. But I am into palm trees, too.
  • The book ‘Boundaries’ (one of the best books I’ve ever read).
  • This nail polish. and also this nail polish.
  • (Hot) Vinyasa yoga.
  • My new library card. (I feel so powerful!)
  • These ($27!) leggings that I think are absolute perfection (thanks for the recommendation on your blog, Katie!).
  • Pieces (or bars, let’s be honest) of dark chocolate.
  • March Madness.
  • This (autumn) seasonal tea from Trader Joes. And also this tea, which is my new favorite.
  • The concept of a capsule wardrobe.
  • My new iPhone (6).
  • Red wine.
  • These indoor shoes (I hesitate to call them slippers, but I wear them instead of slippers). Also, they’re $20 in select sizes right now!
  • … And these boots, which have gotten me through the last two Chicago winters with warm feet! Also on sale!
  • Spring weather. (Well, when it gets here more permanently I’ll love it more.)
  • The ‘This American Life’ podcast.
  • Pedicured (toe)nails. My current color is purple. 
  • ClassPass.
  • Memorizing scripture (as a part of the ‘She Reads Truth’ Lenten study).
  • Travel. Always travel.


What have you been into lately?






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