Books I Read in January

My goal is to read 52+ books this year, and so far (a whole one month in), I’m on track! And boy have I read some quality books so far.

What I Read in January

Here’s What I Read in January:

// Alexander Hamilton – After listening to the musical soundtrack nonstop for weeks, I decided I needed to know more about Alexander Hamilton. I find him completely fascinating, however, I will admit that I was most intrigued with details of his personal life and tended to skim details of his political life.

// Orphan Train – My obsession with historical fiction continues. I’ve always loved historical fiction and this book just proves why. It was good, really good. I honestly never knew about the plight of orphans in America during this time period, and I was completely enthralled in both the history and the fictional story/characters.

// The Royal We – Ah, a modern romance with a royal flavor. This was a really easy read and pretty much mirrors the story of Kate & William in a lot of ways – which I have no problem with. This was another one I couldn’t put down because I simply enjoyed reading it.

// Better Than Before: Mastering Habits of Our Everyday Lives – This book is worthy of its own blog post (and it shall get one!) but basically I learned a lot about myself through reading just the first few chapters. I’m now more easily able to figure out why I have a hard time sticking to habits, and therefore am able to create habits I can stick to. Life-changing.

// Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. – There were a few chapters I loved and a few chapters I thought were very bleh. My main issue with this book is that I don’t feel like it answers the essential question “so are these parenting methods proven to be better for either the babies or the mothers?!” I’m going to dedicate a blog post to my thoughts on this book. I also guest-posted about my thoughts on two specific chapters over at Primarily Inspired.

// Eight Hundred Grapes – Another easy read that I recommend! I guess you could call this a modern love story… kind of. I didn’t love certain parts of this story, because I just wanted to yell at the main characters, but I enjoyed the plot and now want to visit Napa again ASAP.

// The Good Girl – My bedtime is at 11pm and I stayed up until 2:30 am to finish this book, because I just couldn’t stop reading it. (I think the short chapters do that to me.) Also, this story takes place in Chicago, which made it feel very familiar to me. Plus, I was actually really surprised by the ending, which is always a good thing. An easy read with a good plot line? Yes, please.

Seven books in one month! If I keep up this pace, I’ll have finished 84 books by the end of this year! However, with a newborn thrown in the mix I have a feeling my pace will slow down or become nonexistent  in a few months. I’m certainly enjoying my peaceful, book-filled nights while they last!

What did you read this month? Do you have any recommendations for me?! Seriously, all of the books I read seem to come from reader/blogger recommendations.

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20 Responses to Books I Read in January

  1. love this girl! i def want to try and read as many books as possible too! so glad i came across your blog ( and being solidarity sisters ) xo

  2. Better than Before was offered on Blogging for Books, and I almost requested a free copy but I read the reviews and saw that most thought it was sort of common sense and boring. Did you think differently? I’m interested in reading it!

    Also, I’m super jelly that you can read this many books in one month. I am far too busy and typically take a month on just one book. 🙁


    • Lisa says:

      Hmmm I wouldn’t describe it as common sense nor as boring. But I also am AWFUL at habits and through reading the book, I could identify why and what I could do to help fix it! I am so NOT a creature of habit, but now I can clearly see why they’re important and I’m trying to create some in my own life. So for me, it was definitely a must read!

  3. Kalyn P says:

    I’m currently reading The Love Song of Miss Queen is Hennessy and I’m loving it so far. You really got through a lot of books, you should be proud! I read The Good Girl and can’t say I really enjoyed it, but the ending was definitely a surprise. I’ve heard interesting things about both Bringing up Be be and Better than Before and I’d really like to read them both. Glad to hear what you think about them.

  4. Added SEVERAL of these to my GoodReads – so THANKS!!!! I love finding new books and my goal is to read 50 this year also!! Except I didn’t realize that’s practically one a week until I read you were doing 52 and made that connection for you.. ha! Let’s do it!! Also… HOW DID I MISS YOUR blog redesign?! I’m not going to stalk all your previous posts to see if you mentioned when it happened LOL.

    • Lisa says:

      Hahaha don’t stalk too far because I just implemented it like, right now. I did it in pieces today instead of waiting until late tonight when I need to sleep. Hahahaha! I was working on it while Clara napped today and then just finished it right now! Phew. So the post on it will be tomorrow 🙂 Let me know if you have any book recommendations! 52 books is a lot of books to get through but I’m excited!

  5. You read so many amazing books this month, and way to stay on track for your book goal! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Orphan Train, The Royal We, and The Good Girl, and it really seals the deal for me that I need to read them soon because you loved them so much!

  6. I am so jealous of your speed reading abilities!

    • Lisa says:

      Well, I’m falling behind a bit this month so now need to binge read two books before Wednesday so I can return them to the library – whoops!

  7. I have read several of the same books recently! LOVED Orphan Train and Eight Hundred Grapes was a good, easy read, but I was the same way. I wanted to yell at the main characters!! Haha. I’m ready Kate Morton’s new book, The Lake House. So good! I love, love, love all her books! Are you on GoodReads? I love finding new friends to follow on there! Found you from Helene’s FB page and wanted to say hi. New follower! XO

    • Lisa says:

      Ohhhhh I haven’t read The Lake House but I’ll add it to my library list now! I’m on GoodReads but only use it from my phone to keep track of books I’ve read… I honestly have no idea how to have friends on it or anything like that!

  8. Just scanned your book blog posts to find a book to listen to online and “Eight Hundred Grapes” came up as available for instant download from the library. I’ll let you know what I think! 🙂
    xox, giedre

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