My To-Do List Before Baby Beni Arrives

Last week I talked a bit about what soon-to-be (first time) moms should do in the final weeks before the arrival of a new baby.

The list for second (or third, or fourth) time moms, however, is not the same. At least for me. I wish my list involved more rest and doing things by myself, but alas…

Waiting For Baby Beni

My To-Do List Before Baby Beni Arrives:

  • Buy a bassinetDONE! Splurged on this one.
  • Organize a text/email list of who needs to be told when we go into labor / when Baby Beni arrives.
  • Wash newborn baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc.
  • Get my eyebrows threaded.
  • Enjoy a pedicure (or two. Let’s go for two.)
  • Take a weekend trip with Tim and Clara.DONE! We enjoyed Leavenworth and Suncadia and I would totally go back.
  • Continue going to the chiropractor, PT, acupuncturist, and masseuse regularly.
  • Possibly begin setting up a nursery. Or possibly not.
  • Read a few books.
  • Spend quality time with Clara.
  • Install the infant carseat.
  • Go to prenatal yoga at least once per week.
  • Plan a few date nights. (And by this I mean ‘strongly encourage Tim to plan a few date nights.’)
  • Walk.
  • Do 30 squats per day.
  • See the tulips.
  • Find and revive our old birth plan for our meeting with our doula. – DONE! We met with our doula for our prenatal appointment last week.
  • Tour the birthing center of the hospital. (Or at least figure out where the entrance to the birthing center is!)
  • Make a list of things to bring to the hospital to post on the fridge. (I don’t want to pack a hospital bag ahead of time.)
  • Come up with a plan for what we will do with Clara if Baby Beni decides to arrive early, before our moms get into town.
  • Drink Raspberry Leaf tea daily.
  • Address baby announcements. (I got this tip from other bloggers and can’t believe I never thought of it earlier! YES, I should do this ahead of time!)
  • Sleep at least 7 hours per night.
  • Take a few more ‘bump’ pics.
  • Get my hair cut and colored.
  • Enjoy this pregnancy for the miracle it is.

The nice thing about a second baby is that I don’t need to spend my time writing thank you notes, stressing out about shower details, researching all things related to labor and delivery… I already put in the time for Baby #1, so for Baby Beni I can relax, enjoy my family, and hopefully prepare mentally and physically to bring a baby into the world!

But still… I clearly have some things I’d still like to check off my to-do list! I’m officially 37 weeks today, so I have some time, but not very much of it! I’m amazed (and excited) that I’m officially full-term with Baby Beni. (I think they consider 37 weeks ‘early term’, to be exact.)

Wish me luck (and lots of energy/productivity) in the final countdown!

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