The Final Countdown – 39 Weeks Pregnant!

In the blink of an eye (or a very long 9 months), Baby Beni and I have made it full-term – I’m finally 39 weeks pregnant, to be exact! At this point I have a free-loading baby on my hands in my uterus and I’m just waiting for him/her to decide the time is right to make an appearance.

39 Weeks Pregnant

Similar to my last pregnancy, it’s become quite apparent that I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy journey, because:

  • Climbing the stairs has become a tiring activity.
  • I walk slooooooowly.
  • My maternity shirts are too short.
  • Strangers look alarmed when they see me walking around (but I’ve also gotten quite a few compliments and those make my day, because I am not feeling like a cute pregnant lady these days).
  • I have a bit of swelling in my hands and ankles/feet.
  • I’m starting to take naps. (Generally I don’t take naps. Ever. Even when I was taking care of newborn Clara.)
  • I am severely lacking in motivation to do just about anything.
  • I can’t see my feet.
  • I’ve lost my appetite and cravings.
  • I’m waking up multiple times at night to pee.
  • The Braxton Hicks contractions are nonstop.
  • Baby Beni’s movements are still constant but they aren’t as big (usually) because (s)he has run out of space in there.
  • Tim has started laughing every time he sees my belly.

I could have 3 more weeks of pregnancy to go (I’m kindly requesting Baby Beni not take longer than 42 weeks to get here!) or I could have just a few hours… which is crazy to think about! Honestly, I went 10 days past my due date with Clara so I’m anticipating still having quite a bit of time to ‘enjoy’ being pregnant, and I’m going to do the best I can at distracting myself during this time!

Wish us luck! (And prepare yourself to read pregnancy-related postsĀ until this baby exits my womb. It’s kind of consuming my thoughts right now.)

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