Mondays Are For Coffee (Dates)

Is there anything better than a coffee date with a friend? Nope.

Although, it’s not as easy as it once was to get in a full conversation with a friend, since my/our attention is divided between us calming down our infants or chasing after our toddlers. It’s amazing how quickly topics get dropped and subjects get changed because of the constant distractions. However, even though the conversations don’t usually get as deep as I would like, the time spent with friends is so appreciated and so valuable. I truly love spending time with my girlfriends and other moms!

So let’s pretend you and I have carved out some time for a playdate or a cup o’ coffee.

If we were on a coffee date

During this coffee date…

I would either be wrangling two kids or talking about how relieved I am to be by myself and not wrangling two kids. I’ve recently started pumping breastmilk (such glamorous stuff) so I’m able to go out of the house by myself every once in a while!

I would be conflicted on whether to order an iced or a hot drink. Seattle was really hot for a few days but now it’s getting cooler, so I’m not sure if I’m officially in summer mode or not.

I would shake my head and mention the Orlando shooting and share that I feel helpless because it doesn’t seem like politicians are willing to do anything to help stop gun violence in this country.

I would recommend you read “All Joy and No Fun” if you’re a mom. I’m about halfway through it and am really enjoying it.

I would ask if you (like me) have a habit of over-committing to things. I’m definitely guilty of wanting to sign up for every single opportunity that comes my way, and then get a bit overwhelmed when I look at my calendar!

I would inquire as to whether you watch The Bachelorette and ask who your favorite contestant is. I don’t know what it is about this show, but I love watching it and discussing it with friends. Also, Chad is my guilty pleasure – I just love watching him! He’s so nuts and he has the best devilish smile.

I would admit that having two¬†kids is exponentially harder than having one kid. If you have kids, I would ask you if you feel the same way and how you’re coping with it. I would ask you for advice on how to split up household tasks and how to maintain your sanity and how to ensure you get a break each day.

I would tell you that I’m starting to feel like my ‘old’ self again, and that my c-section incision has stopped hurting – yay! I would say that we even went hiking this past weekend because I am ready to get out of the house and start being active again.

I would guiltily tell you that I’m sleeping fine at night (If you asked. And you would ask, because everyone asks new parents how they’re sleeping!). I would shrug and say that Isabelle has yet to have a night where she wakes up more than 1-2 times, and she only stays awake for 10 minutes at a time. I would be quick to say that this is a very different experience than we had with Clara, and I’m just hoping it continues for a while!

I would ask if you had any favorite vegetarian recipes, because I’m looking to mix up things a bit in the kitchen this week.

I would confide that I’m not sure where I want to be in three years (at all), but I don’t mind not having a clear vision. Usually I have a sort of ‘plan’ for the future, but right now I’m not sure if we’ll have more kids, I’m not sure where we’ll be living, I’m not sure if we’ll buy a house or continue renting, I’m not sure if I’ll be working at all, etc! It’s actually very freeing to not have a plan, because I feel like I can continue making decisions as it’s necessary instead of striving towards some goal or decision I’ve already made.

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