I haven’t done a good old-fashioned confession post in a while, and I figure there’s no time like the present! (Especially because I want to link up with Gretch and Kristen.)

I know you’ve been waiting for this, so I shall not disappoint. By saying that phrase alone I’m probably setting you up for disappointment. Whoops.

Moving on.

running toddler

We’re sprinting straight towards the weekend!


+ I have no idea what vessels other people use to get Nutella into their mouth, but I just use a spoon. No toast or fruit or whatever necessary here, folks. (Yes, when Tim sees me do this I get a very judgmental look.)

+ Remember when I said I wasn’t interested in the Nordstrom sale? Well, typing about how I don’t care about it made me curious so I perused it and ended up buying these two shirts (here and here) and I am so pleased with my decision. I’ve been wearing these shirts on repeat for a week now.

+ I’m so tired of yellow and green baby stuff. I’m all for gender neutral, but after using a lot of green and yellow newborn stuff for both of my girls I am over it. I think navy blue is neutral. I think red is neutral. I think everything black and white is neutral… and I’m glad grey is ‘in’ because that is neutral, as well. Unfortunately, all of my (well, Clara & Isabelle’s) stuff is yellow and green.

+ I didn’t even watch the last episode of The Bachelorette because I don’t like Robby nor Jordan and my time is precious and I just didn’t want to waste it on that drama. Instead I watched Bachelor in Paradise, because it is my favorite and I know it won’t disappoint me in its poor decision making. Well, I mean, all of the decisions made will be poor, but hopefully everyone on there will be more interesting than Robby and Jordan.

+ Time seems to be going by even faster with the second kid. I can’t believe she’s already three months old and chattering and rolling over. I guess I need another newborn. (KIDDING)

+ Even though I’m no longer pregnant (obvi), I still wear my stretch mark cream because it smells and feels so good.

+ I’m not sure about this Instagram stories thing. I mean, I just got on Snapchat and now I’m supposed to switch again?! So far I haven’t used or viewed Instagram stories because I follow lots and lots and lots of people on Instagram and I’m just not sure I care what every single one of them is doing all day. Well, maybe I do care, but I probably shouldn’t be staring at my phone for that long.

+ I went to two Zumba classes in the last few days and I LOVE them but I can’t help but feel like I’m the only person in class who has no idea what they’re doing. When I’m spinning no one else is spinning and when I’m not spinning people are practically running into me as they spin. It’s embarrassing but I overcome my awkwardness by smiling a lot so at least I look more happy and less mortified. Hopefully.

+ Clara is two years old and Isabelle is three months old and I still don’t have their rooms decorated. Well, Clara’s is partially done but there is no real theme happening and I haven’t even started on Isabelle’s because she sleeps in our room in my favorite-bassinet-in-all-of-the-lands. Please tell me what small shops I need to know about so I can put these rooms together in the most adorable ways possible! I don’t need furniture, but I do need wall art and bedding.

Happy Thursday!

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21 Responses to Confessions.

  1. bevchen says:

    I find it so difficult to find neutral baby clothes to give to my friends as gifts, and I don’t want to buy “typical” boy/girl colours in case they’re not into that. I definitely agree that red is a neutral colour, but then everything red has (clearly male) pirates on or cars and I’m back to to problem of what if people don’t want to dress their boy children in cars??

    I may be the only person in the world who is on neither Instagram nor Snapchat. I’m not even sure what Snapchat actually is…

    Stopping by from the link up 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      I totally agree – gender neutral baby clothes are harder to find than they should be! I honestly think that most little boy clothes would look fine on a girl, though. Well, the ones that don’t have too many patterns on them, that is. We didn’t buy too many clothes for either of my girls before they were born (and then we obvi knew the gender) but we do have a bunch of yellow and green blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, etc. etc! It’s definitely my own fault for not finding out the gender ahead of time 😉

      • bevchen says:

        If I ever get pregnant I already know I don’t want to find out the gender. I’m fine with dressing girls in boy clothes though… but not necessarily ones with firemen and pirates on them!

  2. I am so not digging Instagram stories either. Team Snapchat 😉

  3. UGH the season finale was so frustrating. **SPOILERS in case you end up watching it later** Basically JoJo’s family meets both guys. They’re super unsure about Jordan and totally obsessed with Robby, and tell her so. Meanwhile, she’s all, “I’ve never felt more treasured or more respected than I feel when I’m with Robby. But his brother isn’t an NFL quarterback, making my options for tangential fame extremely limited if I pick him, despite his obvious superiority. Jordan it is!!” (I may have editorialized those last two sentences. Hahaha.) Robby asks for permission to marry JoJo. Jordan doesn’t, and she finds out, and she’s super annoyed with him because she had specifically told him that was important to him, so he ends up calling her parents like hours before the final rose ceremony to ask for permission, and apparently that’s enough to win her over, because she goes with him. If this relationship actually works out, I’ll be the most shocked person in the whole world. **END SPOILERS**

    You know, I’ve never watched Paradise, but you’re the latest in a long line of people who this week have said they like Paradise as much as, if not more than, the actual Bachelor(ette) shows, which I find both so surprising and so intriguing. I may have to give it a watch, because now I’m super curious.

    • Lisa says:

      Well, I should say I actually DID watch the last episode, but I watched it in fast forward mode so I could skip the awkward convos and get ride to the end. So basically I saw Jordan won and that was it. But really, she made both guys ask her parents for permission?! I mean, I guess I kind of get it, but that’s so STRANGE since one of them didn’t end up proposing! Wait, did they both propose or did she break up with Robby ahead of time? I hate that whole thing – it’s too awkward for me to handle! There is NO WAY she stays with Jordan. It’s a disaster.
      Also, you need to watch Paradise. Immediately. You are only one episode behind at this point so get on it!

  4. I’ve been shopping for things for baby girl’s room and I’m not going gender neutral, just purple, but trying to find things that are purple has been hard. The fabric store lady told me, “Everyone having girls wants pink, so that’s what we have” um… nope, not everyone!

  5. Nutella – YES.
    Snapchat/IG Stories – I can’t handle it.
    Zumba – I tried this a half-dozen times and never really got any better. I am so completely awkward and uncoordinated.
    My kids’ rooms are completely undecorated and unthemed. Well my husband jokes that we’re the only ones out there with a French existentialism themed nursery because my son’s room is his old office and has all these movie posters from 1970s French film classics.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m so sad to hear you never got better at Zumba! I was really hoping I would just magically be so much more coordinated the next time I go. Also, my kids may also never have themes at this rate! I can’t even decide on colors I like much less a whole theme…

  6. i don’t like nutella! covers face in shame.. haha.
    i love gender neutral stuff, i totally think navy, grey, stripes, all those things are neutral as well.
    i have tried zumba once and i accidentally hit someone else and it was all very embarrassing and i never went back haha.
    i like snapchat but i’m not learning another thing, i am done, sorry instagram stories haha.

    • Lisa says:

      My mind is BLOWN that you don’t like Nutella! I agree, I love gender neutral stuff just not in the ‘traditional’ gender neutral colors. I think there are so many interesting options out there now! Unfortunately, we just have a lot of the green and yellow variety – wah. Also, I love your Zumba experience because it’s basically my worst fear.

  7. I had the same stretch mark cream, and I pretty much wanted to eat it out of the container. I found it in a body wash/bubble bath, though! And I totally wash myself with it twice in the shower. I’m weird.

  8. I kind of love yellow and green, but I can imagine it gets pretty old! I agree all of those other colors are super neutral. I really really really want to try zumba. I borrowed a DVD so I can be spazzy at home before subjecting myself to anything in public haha. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I truly believe that the first episode of Bachelor in paradise was more entertaining than the entire season of The Bachelorette.

    • Lisa says:

      IT WAS. But I can’t bring myself to watch the second episode because I almost died of awkwardness just watching the previews! Did you watch it?! How was it?

  10. Amanda says:

    I cannot handle Instagram stories. Why do I need to know what you are doing all day long? I don’t. Ugh. I hate that I am so grouchy about this, but it’s annoying me.

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