So much snot (I need to work on my empathy).

Husbands should not be allowed to get sick on the weekends.

There, I said it.

I believe this with all of my heart and soul. If my husband wants to get sick on a Monday, fine. Tuesday, fine. Wednesday, fine. etc. But on a Saturday or Sunday? HECK NO, because this SAHM certainly doesn’t have time for that.

I need a weekend break for my very sanity. My mental well-being depends on having a fully functioning, present partner on the weekends.

Not that I’m bitter or anything, but can you tell that Tim was sick over the weekend?

The common cold + a migraine put him out of commission and I was not quite as sympathetic as I should have been. Mainly I was mourning the loss of my quality time with my husband and family and any free time I may have had to myself. Plus, I also had a cold. And the kids had tiny colds.

I can’t decide if it’s worse to be sick myself or to have the kids sick, but I do know that when ALL OF US are sick, it’s definitely the worst case scenario. (Thank goodness it was just the cold and not a stomach virus.)


You know those wives and moms that run around trying to take care of all of the sick members of their family singlehandedly while never complaining and somehow managing to do it all and feeling appropriately empathetic for everyone else’s pain?

This was not me. This was the opposite of me.

I considered trying to be a supermom/wife, but then I got hangry and all dreams of that ended.

I still made sure the kids were fed and put in bed at appropriate times, but I was not happy doing it.

It didn’t help that Clara decided she only wanted Tim and spent the entire day/evening running up the stairs into our room and crying because he couldn’t play with her. So if he hadn’t already had the migraine, that certainly helped it along.

Let’s just say that we’ve all seen better days, especially as a family.

But how is it that kids seem to get a cold and it lasts for about 5 minutes and they barely notice and I get a cold and I feel like I may die at any moment and Tim got a cold and had to be in bed for an entire day? Is this because we’re over 30 years old and are immune systems have decided to suddenly fail us?

Don’t worry, we’re on the mend now and I’m almost ready to join the land of fully functioning individuals. As soon as we have less snot in our systems I’ll feel safe making playdates again without worrying that other parents will think I’m attempting to contaminate their children.

As a sidenote, though, I truly think that getting a little bit of a cold can be a blessing. For instance, the last few days I’ve been eating better, sleeping more, and resting. In short, I’ve been intentionally treating myself well instead of allowing myself to run on caffeinated fumes. It’s been quite nice. Plus, I finished this book, which is a sequel to ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ and I loved it. Both of them, actually.

All of this to say: I’m a work in progress and maybe eventually I will learn to be appropriately empathetic to my sick husband. But probably only if he gets sick on a Tuesday next time.

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